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Arhive Title: measles

Mercury Retrograde with an Opportunity


Hello ! Apparently Mercury retrograde started last week and with that, the potential for miscommunication. I simply translate mercury retrograde as an opportunity for something good to come out of what could be perceived as something gone wrong. Nothing gone wrong, simply things you want to change and make better. The offer of the discounted … Read more

Mumps Making the Rounds…In the Vaccinated…Again

Mumps in the Vaccinated Mumps are in the news in Calgary…again…and in the vaccinated. This is not the first outbreak and it will not be the last. These outbreaks, in the vaccinated population have been happening and reported since the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. “In 2007 and 2008 Alberta experienced an outbreak, with 266 … Read more

Vaccine Free? Now What?

Maybe like me, you vaccinated your kids in the 1980’s. It was what a good parent did to make sure that your child had life-long immunity (yes…that was the promise – immunity) to infectious illnesses like diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (pertussis), measles, mumps, rubella and haemophilus influenza. There were no questions asked. You were told … Read more

Back to School: Freedom to Choose

Parents of Grade 5 children in Calgary are receiving the ‘dreaded’ consent to vaccinate letter for booster shots. Alberta Health Services has teamed up with the public health education system to send out forms for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR vaccine) as well as for Hepatitis B and Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus vaccine. (DPT) That … Read more

Going Green

Today marks a special day. My dream several years ago was to empower families who have chosen to be vaccine-free or almost vaccine-free with a way to help kids heal when infectious childhood diseases break out. That dream took the shape of the Vaccine Free: Now What? 12-week Teleseminar. Two and one half years later … Read more

Amaranth Tea, Magnolias and Azaleas

Imagine. A two and a half hour plane ride from snowy Calgary and you can be in Palo Alto, California sitting on a back deck sipping star shaped Amaranth tea with the fragrance of magnolias filling the air (although I do have to confess, the neighbours have chickens…and it smells like that, too!). And where … Read more

Polio: Past and Present

Two offers for you: 1. Measles Essentials: A Free Sample eClass Get a good idea of what to expect in the 12-week eCourse. Plus, you’ll get some great measles information in the midst of the current outbreaks. 2. Vaccine Free: Now what? 12-Week eCourse If the information below on Polio is helpful to you, consider registering for this eCourse. … Read more

More Measles in the News

Last April’s newsletter covered an outbreak of measles in Calgary. Parents of high school kids were caught off guard and were faced with choices of quarantine and/or vaccination boosters. For those high school kids who were vaccine-free, it was a challenging decision. Be sure to read it again for all the details on how to … Read more

A ‘Measle-y’ Intro: A Taste of VFNW?

Life is going smoothly. Kids are back at school, homeschooling schedule is in place, and everyone is back to routine. Until you receive…. The Letter Home from the Public Health Nurse Home Alone was my kids’ favorite movie in the 1990’s, about the same time that ‘good moms vaccinated’ their kids. And I did vaccinate … Read more