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Mumps Making the Rounds…In the Vaccinated…Again

Mumps in the Vaccinated

Mumps are in the news in Calgary…again…and in the vaccinated. This is not the first outbreak and it will not be the last. These outbreaks, in the vaccinated population have been happening and reported since the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

“In 2007 and 2008 Alberta experienced an outbreak, with 266 cases and 286 cases reported respectively. During this time the cases were found to be in an older age cohort of 15 – 39 years of age (75% of cases in 2007 and 87% cases in 2008). The majority of these cases occurred in persons immunized with one or two dose(s) of mumps containing vaccine.” Alberta Health and Wellness

It was the outbreak in 2007 that affected my then adult young men – born and vaccinated in the 1980’s. Their friends in university, college and sports teams were all coming down with mumps. My oldest son was trying to start a family so he asked for something homeopathic to prevent mumps in the outbreak. The youngest did not want to miss work so we used homeopathy for him as well.

What about their friends? They were quarantined and all went through the symptoms just fine without any complications whatsoever…no sterility, just a lot of discomfort. Now, the advice will be quarantine AND to have the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine repeated.

Vaccination Failure?

The outbreaks will continue to happen. Will increasing the numbers of vaccines and boosters be the answer? In the 1980’s we vaccinated with the promise that the MMR given at 12, 14 and 16 months would be immunity for life. My adult ‘kids’ are just as susceptible now as they were when they were small and given the vaccine. What happened? Are more and more boosters the solution pushing the risk of infectious childhood illnesses well into adulthood and beyond? Or will the next generation of 40 year olds, 50 year olds and ‘seniors’ be at risk for measles, mumps and rubella? Will the advice be to receive vaccine ‘boosters’ every decade?

Here is what Dr. Suzanne Humphries concludes:

“Well, it turns out that the vaccine could not meet the goal that CDC projected to eradicate mumps by 2010, BECAUSE the vaccine, in its current state cannot reliably confer immunity, and is in fact a dilute version of what it once was when Maurice Hilleman invented it using the virus of his five year old daughter. The same viral mumps strain has been in use in every mumps or MMR vaccine Merck has made since 1967.”

If what these scientists claim is true, the net result of Merck’s questionable activity was epidemics and outbreaks. It is known that the mumps component of all MMR vaccines from the mid 1990’s has had a very low efficacy, estimated at 69% (Harling 05). The outbreaks started in UK and Europe in 1998. USA’s outbreaks began in 2006.

These mumps outbreaks have already been proven NOT to be the result of failure to vaccinate, but vaccination failure… and now it looks to all be a result of Merck’s cooked books, used in order to maintain a commercial monopoly to generate increased revenue from increasing numbers of boosters.” Alliance for Human Research Protection (The AHRP mission is to stand up – and speak out – for the human rights of research subjects – especially those who are vulnerable and /or susceptible to coercion, manipulation and exploitation. Those who are incapable of exercising their right to informed consent are in greatest need of protection from research abuse)

Here is a scholarly research article that concludes ‘long term coverage of mumps outbreaks…may not be feasible.’

“The cause of mumps outbreaks among vaccinated populations remains unclear, but several potential contributing factors may be involved, as documented in this review. That outbreaks have recently occurred in populations with >95% 2-dose vaccine coverage strongly suggests that long-term prevention of mumps outbreaks with use of current vaccines and vaccination schedules may not be feasible. Mathematical modeling including populations highly vaccinated with 2 doses would be important in assessing different vaccination schedules. Additional research is needed to develop more immunogenic and effective mumps vaccines and/or to review current vaccination policies.”Oxford Academic Clinical Infectious Diseases Journal

From a CNBC story in March 2015 Public Health OfficialsKnow: Recently Vaccinated individuals Spread Disease

Looking Back to the 1980’s – Natural Immunity or Vaccination?

I wish I had known then in the 1980’s when I vaccinated my boys what I know now:

I had all in the infectious illnesses in childhood and because of that, I actually had already given them maternal immunity through the placenta in utero and through breastfeeding.

You can learn now what I wish I had known then – how to use homeopathy in infectious childhood illnesses outbreaks.

For the month of March the individual Mumps eCourse will be offered at a 50% discount (Total cost $29.98 CDN instead of $59.95 CDN). Learn how to use homeopathy in an outbreak of mumps. Click here to register for this rate – good until March 31, 2017.

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Yours in health and healing,


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