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Mercury Retrograde with an Opportunity

Hello !

arnicaApparently Mercury retrograde started last week and with that, the potential for miscommunication. I simply translate mercury retrograde as an opportunity for something good to come out of what could be perceived as something gone wrong. Nothing gone wrong, simply things you want to change and make better.

The offer of the discounted classes? Here is the good part. That extra newsletter was to go out on Thursday but you would not have received it until Saturday – right in the midst of a spring celebration. The deadline for the free classes and half-price registrations was to be Sunday April 16th at midnight, which would make sense if you received the notice on Thursday last week. The deadline is now extended to Thursday April 20th at midnight. Hope that helps some of you who might not have had a chance to read that extra post.

Why all this push for the classes?
With two documentaries running last week, Vaccines Revealed and the Truth About Vaccines many more parents are becoming aware of the risks of vaccination. Once you become aware of the risks of vaccines, you then start to ask the question, ‘If we go vaccine free, then what can we do to support the immune system and how do we help support healing childhood infectious illnesses if our kids get sick or if there is an outbreak?’

It can be scary but what these courses offer is information about what the illnesses are, the risks/benefits of childhood illnesses  and how to use homeopathy to prevent and support healing…whether your kids are vaccinated or not. Many of the current outbreaks are in the highly vaccinated populations…kids and adults.

So here are the courses with the extended deadline of Thursday April 20, 2017 midnight.

Thank you for hanging in there with me during mercury retrograde! We can change anything. All will be well.

Your SPECIAL OFFER – 1/2 Price eClasses

As a loyal reader of my newsletter, I would like to offer a number of my eCourses at 1/2 price.  Once purchased, you have access to the class anytime.  These classes are available Evergreen, which means 24/7 and 365 days a year!

Cost for the courses is $29.95 CDN discounted from $59.95 CDN with the coupon link. The offer is good until Thursday April 20, 2017 midnight.

1.  Immune System & Fever

Immune_SystemThe “war” on germs, viruses, and bacteria is over. War is an outdated metaphor and, in fact, there never was a battle, only a misunderstanding of what is really happening in the body.Fever is a potent immune first responder and sets up a whole series of events that helps ‘clean house.’ How important is fever? We’ll learn from current medical science research in published journals what to do instead of using over the counter medications like Baby Tylenol to suppress a fever. Learn the science of what is actually happening with the immune system response.

Enroll HERE

2.  Homeopathic Philosophy

Homeopathy PhotoHomeo-what?! Even though homeopathy is a 250 year old medical art and science, it is possible that this is the first time you are hearing the word. You are not alone!

I only had a suspicion that there was ‘something out there’ that supported healing in an entirely unique way. I was relieved to ‘discover’ homeopathy. In India, doctors can choose between two streams of education: traditional medicine as it is practiced in the West (allopathic) or homeopathy. Homeopathy is the first choice for the Royal Family in England and is covered by the National Health Care program.

Enroll HERE

3.  Measles

Measles Rash-photoMeasles is a disease that still causes severe complications and even death in Third World countries. Want to know an effective treatment (besides homeopathy, of course!)? Vitamin A. Yep…nutritional. Learn what to look for (hint: it’s in the mouth) in the early stages of measles, and know what to expect as the illness progresses.

Enroll HERE

4.  Mumps

mumpsMy twenty-something adult kids were part of an outbreak in Calgary in 2008. I thought they had immunity for life until the call went out from the public health officials that re-vaccination was the only form of prevention for this age group! There is a whole generation in the late 20’s to mid-30’s who are susceptible to these childhood illnesses. Both my young men were concerned about possible complications of mumps so they asked mom/homeopath for prevention.

Enroll HERE


Managing Everyday Childhood Illnesses with Homeopathy – Beyond Arnica for Sprains, Strains and Concussions – Free Webinar

This is a one-hour webinar that will give you the basics on homeopathic remedies. If you have ever wondered what the names are on those little tubes or what the numbers mean, have a listen. There were some great questions asked.

Enroll HERE for some tips on other homeopathic remedies other than Arnica for injury!

Measles Essentials – A Free Sample Class
A timely offering given that Calgary is now reporting a measles outbreak as of April 12, 2017! And if you like the sample class, you can always sign up for more.

Enroll HERE for the measles sampler.

summit logoImmune Defense Summit – July 24-31, 2017

I will be interviewed by Jonathan Landsman and the topic? “The Hidden Value of Fevers”. This is a free online event. I would love your support!

You can register for the free event here

Please feel free to share the coupon link with family/friends. I want you to be prepared in these outbreaks. Regularly $59.95 CDN, you can use the coupon and the cost is $29.98 CDN

Yours in health and healing,


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