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Does homeopathy work?

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The answer is “it depends!”

Your first experience could go one of two ways – magical or nothing. One very quick example:

Teething babies can all too frequently be in a lot of pain – crying inconsolably, contrary in nature, having red hot cheeks, gums inflamed, possibly fever and no one in the household is happy with the situation despite trying to be sympathetic with a baby in pain.

You hear on the parenting grapevine or at the health store, have you tried homeopathic Chamomilla? It works brilliantly for teething babies. Well, you think, a small price to pay (remedies are very affordable) and you take some home for wee one. You give the recommended dose…and then nothing. Nothing happens. Baby is still crying (and now you are too!) and so very hard to please. You get the frozen teething ring and the baby has some relief from the pain and you breathe a sigh of relief. You call your friend, the one who says Chamomilla works for teething babies.

Aha!! Your friend who loves homeopathy then says to you…NOT Chamomilla! Get some homeopathic Coffea. Skeptical, and needing a break, you head back to the pharmacy and get some Coffea. You give the baby the recommended granules and whoa! The baby falls asleep and wakes up happy.

What just happened?

The first remedy? Nothing.
The second remedy? Magical.

And the homeopathy-loving friend shares one of the major ‘secrets’ of homeopathy with you. You have to ‘match’ the baby/child/person with the complaint (ie teething) to the needed remedy that has the same symptoms. In the Coffea remedy, pain, especially teething/dental pain is relieved by holding ice cold in the mouth. And Chamomilla does not have this symptom.

Which can make using the remedies a bit of a challenge. But each remedy has its own ‘signature’ or ‘personality’ or uniqueness. Both Chamomilla and Coffea are sensitive to pain but they have slightly different ‘natures’. One of the best skills a parent can have learning to use homeopathy is observation. Watch what makes the baby/child/adult better or worse for the complaint they have.

And…start learning by taking one of the courses offered here! You will soon be on your way to figuring out how to help your family return to good health faster than ever.

How does homeopathy work in the body?

In its simplest terms, homeopathy works in the body energetically. Tesla said it best:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

— Nikola Tesla

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, set out the tenets of homeopathy 250+ years ago and recorded his thesis in his book the Organon of the Medical Art. Through keen observation of health, disease, and medicines, he determined that everything began with energy which he named the life force or vital force. This life force keeps everything in order.

“In the health human state, the spirit-like life force (autocracy) that enlivens the material organism as dynamis, governs without restriction and keeps all parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both feelings and functions, so that our indwelling, rational spirit can freely avail itself of this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.”

— Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

We are energy first. Energy is what animates us in health and in sickness. It is only an imbalance energetically that expresses itself as illness. Without that life force energy, we are dead, and once dead (inanimate) we decay into our final chemical constituents – ashes to ashes and dust to dust. It is only the energetic vital force that keeps us functioning.

If we are in a state of imbalance (Hahnemann called this ‘morbid mistunement’), this state makes itself discernible by disease symptoms: in no other way can it make itself known.

Energy “speaks’ through symptoms. When we are healthy, we are symptom free and free to be and do who we are created to be and do. When we are ill, we have symptoms at a physical (sometimes even mental and emotional level) that tell us, something is out of balance, and we are limited – without freedom.

Medicines work at an energetic level as well. Everything in our world is energy, frequency, and vibration. Everything in our world, with the process of homeopathic pharmacy of dilution and potentization, can raise a dense material substance vibration to its higher energetic vibration signature.

The only way a person can truly heal from symptoms is to use energetic medicines that are ‘potent’ enough to gently ‘nudge’ the indwelling vital force to support healing. If the vital force has support, from a potentized medicine, there is no longer an imbalance – the person has been restored to health by first addressing the imbalance at an energetic level.

This is all done by ‘matching’ the symptoms of a potentized substance with the symptoms of the person with the illness. Like matching like is what this is called.

Conventional medicine works under the assumption that everything works at a material level – without acknowledgment of the influence of energetics. Medicines conventionally, work to remove symptoms but without addressing any energetic causes which all too often can lead to suppression.

For example…your child can have eczema. If the skin is very bad – itching, pain, infection – the pediatrician may prescribe a steroid cream. The skin clears temporarily but the cream may need to be repeated…which can be a concern. But you notice that your child develops asthma. The skin is clear, but the asthma is bad. Inhalers are prescribed. The asthma gets better but the skin gets worse – back and forth. Dermatologists understand and have observed this dynamic.

Homeopathy has some wonderful results in helping support the vital force of the child to resolve both the skin condition and asthma.

Why is homeopathy criticized?

Any healing modality or scientific method needs to be criticised! We must continually be in conversation about whether methods work, or continue to work, side effects etc. Things change as do our understanding of energetic medicine.

If you want more research the Homeopathy Research Institute is an exceptional resource complete with studies, research, videos, conferences and world class experts speaking on all topics of homeopathy.

This is a great video to start with, "Scientists say… homeopathy is not just a placebo":

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Dr Emma Macías-Cortés – Comparing homeopathy with conventional treatment and placebo. Homeopathy Research Institute video:

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Is homeopathy treatment scientifically proven?
What is the success rate of homeopathy?

Here are two great videos to start you on your journey into the science of homeopathy:

From the Homeopathy Research Institute:

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Rachel Roberts on the evidence base for homeopathy:

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What country uses homeopathy?

Homeopathy use around the world


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