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Homeopathy for Dental Health

Homœopathy for acute oral health problems

6-week eCourse

Homœopathy for acute oral health problems eCourse

Good dental health starts in pregnancy and continues through from infancy to childhood and adulthood. Homeopathy offers healing support and prevention at every stage - even when we are faced with dental health challenges.

This course will take you through every stage of dental/oral health and teach you how to use homeopathy in the acute conditions (think teething, cavities, injury, dental work, cold sores, canker sores, anticipatory anxiety, adverse reactions to anesthetic) where there is a beginning, middle and end to the complaint.

For chronic conditions (think cancer, bone cavitations, dry socket, continued pain post root canal) some homeopathic suggestions will be made with the understanding that a homeopath or dentist who uses homeopathy in practice will be consulted. Chronic conditions need the professional support of a trained professional.


Oral health disease worldwide

“Worldwide, the most common oral diseases are dental caries (cavities, decay), periodontal (gum) disease, oral cancer, oral infectious diseases, trauma from injuries and hereditary lesions.Around the globe, 60-90% of school-aged children and nearly 100% of adults have tooth decay.1,2,3 In fact, dental caries (which includes all stages of tooth decay) is the most common, yet preventable, chronic disease on the planet and constitutes a major global public health challenge.

In Canada, an estimated 2.26 million school-days are missed each year due to dental- related illnessand tooth decay accounts for one-third of all day surgeries performed on children between the ages of 1 and 5.5

In the United States, a child is five times more likely to seek emergency room treatment for dental problems than for asthma, often because they are unable to see a dentist, are uninsured or cannot afford routine dental care and half of all children enter kindergarten with tooth decay.6 “

The State of Oral Health in Canada

What is included:

  • 6 weeks of recorded lessons to study at your own pace
  • Access to the secure, private community
  • All lessons available in downloadable MP3 audio and MP4 Video
  • Downloadable slides in PDF format

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Study at your own pace

Week 1

Pregnancy and infancy - cavities in pregnancy; morning sickness; gingivitis; thrush in infant and breast feeding mom

Week 2

Problems with teeth and some Prevention Remedies Teething/Dentition/Wisdom Teeth - slow; delayed; painful; crumbling

Week 3

The Visit to the Dentist - anticipatory anxiety/fears of needles; post dental work; root canals; mercury detox; reaction to 'freezing'

Week 4

Accident/Injury - including dry socket post extraction

Week 5

Other conditions - Teeth Grinding (Bruxism); bad breath (Halitosis); herpes/cold sores

Week 6

Chronic conditions (you will need to see a homeopath and be working with your dentist as well) - Cancer; cavitations (decay) of bone/jaw; TMJ

These conditions tend to be long term and chronic. For the most part the lessons have been designed for at-home self-care but with these three conditions it is important that you consult your doctor/dentist and homeopath as a team.

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Bonus gift: How much? How often? How Strong?

Introducing Donna Powers

Your Guide

I am delighted to be your guide on this journey with homeopathy whether you are new to the healing art or a seasoned user of homeopathic remedies. I am dedicated to sharing from my 20+ years as a trained homeopath, and as an experienced mother and grandmother.

Want to know more about me and how, at 68 years of age, I arrived at this destination? Check out the About page and see what brought me to the place of sharing my love of homeopathy, health and healing.

Donna Powers

Pay-what-you-can-afford is available for this course

I have intentionally kept the cost of all my courses to a minimum, which is reflected in the prices of my courses. For some folks, this may still be out of reach financially. Veterans, retired folks, families with vaccine-injured children, chronic disease, fixed income... there are many reasons why a person may experience that education is only for the financially secure.

I understand that a lot of families dealing with health issues may also have financial problems as a result. More than once in my life, I have been financially vulnerable. I know what it is like...and I know that when we get back on our feet, we joyfully give back to others or pay-it-forward.

To ensure that what I teach is accessible to all, I am pleased to offer a Pay-What-You-Can-Afford-Model. To access this scholarship please email me, Donna, at in confidence and we can individualize a price that works for you.

My promise is that no one will be left out of my courses because of a lack of funds.

If you wish to pay it forward and gift a course to a friend or stranger, you can do that too with gratitude and thanks.