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Free homeopathy courses

Free homeopathy courses

free videos and classes!

Welcome to my free homeopathy courses!

Scroll down for a range of courses that you can discover in your own time. They are flexible and designed for busy people.

These free homeopathy courses are meant as a way to explore homeopathy, as a complementary form of medicine. Some are the starting point for more in-depth courses on infectious illnesses like measles and whooping cough. These are helpful whether or not you or your family are vaccinated.

I believe that everyone deserves to feel empowered around their health and the health of their families and for that reason, I include a special pricing offer for my paid courses with a "pay what you can afford" model. My goal is to build a healthy community of people, just like you, who each feel supported to make the choices that feel right for your family.

Please feel free to peruse the paid courses too. Everyone can have access. Nobody will be turned away for a lack of funds.

Free homeopathy courses
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Everything you need to know about homeopathy but were afraid to ask

Are you an Absolute Beginner to Homeopathy?

I created this 15 minute video because I remember when I first learned about homeopathy. I could barely pronounce the name!

And then, I wondered, 'Who could I turn to with my questions?'

My hope is that you check out this short video and perhaps have some of your questions answered.

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Beyond arnica for sprains, strains and concussions

Remedies in Your Home Kit

Arnica is likely one of the first homeopathic remedies that most folks ‘discover’. Bumps, bruises, aching muscles, accidents and injuries and almost like magic, the healing happens. For 75% of the people, 75% of the time Arnica will help. But there will be that 25% of the population where it will do nothing to help support healing, especially in accidents and injuries.

What to do? Are there more homeopathic remedies you can use? You Bet! Watch the video and start building your homeopathic remedy kit for at home or travel

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Measles essentials e-course

Are you worried about a measles outbreak?

Measles is in the news! Whether you are children are vaccinated or vaccine-free there is fear. When I was a child 50+ years ago, my mom just expected that we would all get measles.

Now there is almost a sense of hysteria around an infectious illness that should be a normal part of childhood. Is it a serious illness? In developing countries, it certainly is, where nutrition and a lack of Vitamins A and C predispose children to complications. And yes there are immunocompromised children. How can you support healing for those children?

For me, homeopathy is just a great support for self-healing from an infectious illness and I will share my experience in this one hour video.

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Chamomilla - more than a teething remedy

Homeopathy Beginnings

Some parents and babies seem to cope very well with the whole teething business but for some of us, teething babies are a form of torture with loss of sleep, endless bouts of tears and frustration (I’m talking about the parents here, too!) and an utter feeling of despair that nothing could possibly help baby or you with the endless suffering and pain.

Teething babies can often be a parent’s first experience with homeopathy. Chamomilla is one of those 'magical' homeopathic remedies for some babies. Find out what Chamomilla is all about in this free course.

Free course

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Homeopathy basics including some history of vaccination

Samuel Hahnemann and Edward Jenner

In this free homeopathy course, discover the history of vaccinations and where conventional medicine and homeopathy converged and then...diverged.

And since that time, homeopathy and its approach to infectious illnesses, and the use of vaccines as prevention in conventional medicine, have evolved in a parallel trajectory.

Hahnemann and Jenner lived in the same time period where small pox was rampant. Both working toward health and healing. What happened?

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