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Homeopathy first, for real people who want more!

"I thought homeopathy was just for my teething babies"
"I thought homeopathy was just for sore muscles"

Whatever your entry point to homeopathy, most people I come across are delighted to discover that homeopathy is a whole-body energetic system of healing - that has applications for all manner of illnesses and ailments.

Homeopathy First Magazine is dedicated to providing you with the information you need to bring an extraordinary system of medicine into your everyday life.

‘Your healer is within…’

Grab your favourite drink - a cup of hot tea, a jumpin’ java or a cool, tall kombucha and be ready to transform every idea you have about sickness, health and homeopathy.

So, please stay awhile. Read, listen, question, enjoy and learn.

To your health. Reimagined.

Donna Powers
Magazine covers all

Issue 1 - The birth edition

From the Editorial Donna Powers, RCSHom, CCH, RSHom (NA)

The theme of Birth goes beyond ‘the homeopathic remedies’ to offer a new paradigm for health and healing.

Homeopathy really is a first in how to think of health, sickness and what medicines are really for…to help support the invisible Vital Force/Chi/Prana move beyond creating symptoms at a physical level because of imbalance at an energetic level.

For many, our first awakening is often a crisis and for some, that crisis is poor health. This is a hard and challenging awakening…to find the spiritual meaning when we are in the midst of our own health crisis or when our healthy babies regress into a nightmare of pain, inflammation and toxicity.

This is hard work. Work that feels like the furthest thing from spirituality. It is though, like giving birth. It is a labour and a transition…with few rules about timing, contractions, pushing and birthing.

You can also receive Issue 1: The Birth Edition for FREE by downloading the Homeopathy Starter Kit.

Issue 2 - Journey inward journey outward

From the Editorial Donna Powers, RCSHom, CCH, RSHom (NA)

So many places to travel and explore. Perhaps you have an inner voice that calls to you, or sometimes a gentle heartbeat beckons you, drawing you to the next adventure in your life.

The inner journey can be as rich, as full and rewarding as your journeys to exotic countries or as near to you as lake and woods.

This issue celebrates the many journeys we can take, both inner and outer. Wherever you travel, homeopathy and a remedy kit can be just the 'friend you need' when the going gets bumpy!

Issue 3 - A light in the dark

From the Editorial Donna Powers, RCSHom, CCH, RSHom (NA)

All of our contributors this month are sharing from very deep personal places of loss or from their search for meaning when illness, aging or imminent death temporarily limits our worldview as humans.

To fearlessly and consciously write about these dark places takes a special kind of person who is willing to share so that others might learn where to find hope, light and meaning at a time when we feel least equipped for the task.

Homeopathy offers healing support during the times in our life when we feel most unable to cope with limitations and loss. The approach of one pill or one size fits all medicine is contrary to what homeopathy can offer.

With homeopathy, a remedy can be individualized to suit the situation of the person in the midst of dark times and restore, so that there is a return to hope and light.

Issue 4 - Reawakening

From the Editorial Donna Powers, RCSHom, CCH, RSHom (NA)

The dirt, the soil, the earth, the planet, the universe is a living entity, as is our physical inner human form. As humans, we have the gift of being conscious of this organizing life force.

Nature is our great reminder that Spring signals a reawakening and a greening of all that has dwelt in darkness for the long winter. As the soil thaws, all the organisms that comprise the soil reawaken. This allows all plant life to reawaken as well.

Turns out both ‘worlds’ are well-populated with bacteria/viruses and are essential to healthy life on earth! And the micro world and the macro world are both filled with invisible energy, a “Vital Force”. This energy organizes and evolves everything. Complex yet with an elegance and simplicity all its own.

Issue 5 - Home & away

From the Editorial Donna Powers, RCSHom, CCH, RSHom (NA)

In this issue, we ask you join us on the walk home with an offering of how homeopathy, a listening ear, compassion and Bach Flower essences can ease the ache so that we are journeying the path of health and healing that leads to freedom.

We are all just walking each other home: in our sickness, in our health and in our healing.

The cool, healing touch of a mother’s hand on a child’s fevered head; the companionship of a loved one or friend on the way to the hospital; a bowl of soup offered with kindness; a place to rest a weary head when the outside world has become anything but home; a listening heart when we can make so little sense of ailments, injuries, hurts.

We are all looking for home - home within and home in our outer world. We can be home for each other and in that journey of walking each other home, we can return to Source of Uncond

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