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Polio: Past and Present

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Maybe you have grandparents, aunts or uncles or even parents who have told you of the horrible outbreaks of polio around 1916 and the 1950’s. You may have heard stories of paralysis, permanent crippling, iron lungs and devastating epidemics in rural areas. Polio is probably the one disease most parents worry about when making the choice to be vaccine free. It’s possible that this is one of the vaccine conversations you most dread when trying to explain to parents, grand-parents and friends/family at large why you are choosing to be vaccine-free. The response from well-meaning people is likely to be “How could you possibly consider putting your baby/child at risk for polio? You want them to be paralyzed?” Of course you don’t want that for your child, but how quickly does the guilt, shame, lack of information to support your choice show up? It’s a slippery slope.

Truth or Consequence? 
But what if everything you and everyone before you was told about polio was not the whole story? What if there was a medical doctor who spent a year researching this very topic and came up with scientific research and documentation, who concluded, the eradication of polio might not have anything to do with the vaccine? A doctor who also concluded that the epidemics of polio had more to do with agricultural practices and changes in breast feeding/formula feeding, processed foods and a huge increase in tonsillectomies.

Dr Suzanne Humphries is that internist and nephrologist (kidney specialist). In 2009, after the kidney dialysis ward was mysteriously filled with patients who had sudden, rapid, intense (fulminant) kidney failure where there was no previous personal or family history of kidney problems, she started to dig into what was causing this outbreak. All the patients had recently been vaccinated with the seasonal flu and H1N1. Vaccines were the only link that she found common to all of them that might explain kidney failure due to toxicity. Her immediate response was to search and research published papers on vaccine safety…and found none. Well…there were some studies but she is quick to point out that the studies are all on efficacy and not safety. And as my mother would say “She knows her onions!”

And here are the onions!
You are busy…I get that…but please…make time to watch Dr. Humphries presentation; it will be the single best hour you spend. She is really that good and the information is remarkable! A few things you will learn from the presentation:

  • How the name polio was shortened from ‘poliomyelitis’, which simply means ‘inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord’ to meaning a disease caused by poliovirus.
  • Provocation polio around 1916…was it connected to the Rockefeller lab developing the most virulent strain of polio they could?
  • History and the ‘perfect’ paralysis storm.
  • Changes in breast-feeding, condensed milk and bottle formula introduced, DDT use, tonsillectomies, arsenic use, refined white sugar and white flour in the 1950’s. (Breast fed infants were exempt from polio)…how they all contributed to the susceptibility of getting polio.
  • How polio was changed in name to ‘aseptic meningitis’…voila! No more polio! SCARY SCARY SCARY!

Ads of the day…around the same time as the polio outbreaks in the early 1950’s:

Polio ad

DDT Video 
Dr. Humphries also shows a video clip in her presentation – children being sprayed with DDT ‘so safe’ they can eat their lunch at the same time. So I thought I would do a little research of my own and see what other DDT video might be ‘out there’. Have a look at this You Tube link and see what DDT does to the fly. Listen to the emphasis on ‘paralysis’. Sound familiar? So let’s see…DDT is deadly for the fly but completely safe for babies and children? Safe enough to paper the baby’s room, to spray your food and digest it with your meal? And finally, a direct quote from Dr. Humphries presentation, taken from the Centre for Disease Control website complete with color pie chart:

 “CDC estimation of morbidity and mortality after infection of polio virus…95% infected have no symptoms…4-8% have minor symptoms such as fever, fatigue, nauseas, headache, flu-like symptoms, stiffness of neck and back, pain in the limbs which resolves completely…fewer than 1%(of the 4-8 %) result in permanent paralysis of the limbs, usually the legs and only 5-10% of that 1% die when it affects the respiratory muscles…what other vaccine targeted illness do you know of that is 95% -98 % asymptomatic.” How could a person/parent possibly know if your child’s symptoms are the beginning of polio or the flu or poisoning?

Here is a quote from the American Journal of Psychotherapy (1949) found on the website:

“Although DDT produces serious functional and morphologic (structural) changes in virtually every organ of the body, among its most disturbing and debilitating manifestations are those of the nervous system.… Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea usually associated with extreme tenesmus (straining). Coryza (runny nose), cough and persistent sore throat are common, often followed by a persistent or recurrent feeling of constriction or of a ‘lump’ in the throat; …Pain in the joints, generalized muscle weakness and exhausting fatigue are usual; the latter are often so severe in the acute stage as to be described by some patients as ‘paralysis.’ Pain and stiffness in the back of the neck is a frequent complaint.”  Sounds like the symptoms of polio, doesn’t it?

Homeopathic Remedies
And… sounds like flu too? You already have some terrific at home homeopathic remedies for influenza. Gelsemium comes to mind with the paralysis, the pain at the back of the neck, the weakness and fatigue. In fact, Gelsemium is one of the top remedies for exactly these symptoms.

The other top remedy for Polio is Lathyrus sativa. Here is a link to some very good descriptions of the remedy and you can easily see how the Lathyrus remedy picture looks very similar to the disease picture of polio. Lathyrus is used by some homeopaths as a preventative for polio when parents are vaccine free and want an alternative.

If you’re interested in even more resources, I’ve included some other links I’ve found helpful below. For those of you signing up to learn more in our Vaccine Free: Now What?course, bring your questions! We look forward to the opportunity to address them in great discussions throughout the course.

Yours in health,

Some additional information about polio:

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