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A word from Donna Powers

Community is a value I hold dear to my heart...

Community is where we meet with friends, neighbours, and sometimes family. We meet to exchange information, share values, help each other, or maybe even share meals. We are made stronger by learning from each other and sharing with each other. Freedom to learn, to question without fear of censorship or political interference.

I consider our immune system a community of sorts too! All of our inner organs, cells, tissues working together, communicating via chemical and electrical 'sharing' of information and keeping our physical bodies, thoughts and emotions in excellent working health so that we are free to be and live our highest purpose! True freedom without suppression or repression.

Donna Powers Homeopath

People meeting online, in a community of friends, neighbours and family, sharing concerns around the health of loved ones and what you have is the potential for healing our larger, global community.

Different ways to participate!

Homeopathy is one of the complementary medicines that can support healing. I am happy to share with you what I have learned about this medical art and science so that together, we can navigate the possible storms of acute infectious illnesses! We need each other.

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I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you as part of the community of folks who use homeopathy to support health and healing.

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