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Going Green

Today marks a special day. My dream several years ago was to empower families who have chosen to be vaccine-free or almost vaccine-free with a way to help kids heal when infectious childhood diseases break out.

That dream took the shape of the Vaccine Free: Now What? 12-week Teleseminar. Two and one half years later and five sets of graduates, the dream is taking on a new form.

Prior to measles in Disneyland, the course was geared toward the vaccine-free but now it seems, even the vaccinated are not entirely immune to infectious outbreaks of measles, mumps, influenza, whooping cough, and Acute Flaccid Paralysis (for a discussion about AFP and Polio click here – Dr. Suzanne Humphries explains what happened in the disappearance of polio).

The course now is relevant for any and all families who are looking for a way to help kids heal with homeopathy. The dream gets bigger!

We are delighted to offer the Vaccine Free: Now What? 12-week eCourse in an Evergreen format! What does that mean? Instead of being offered only twice a year, this course will be available year-round, just like the evergreen trees that keep their healthy needles all the time, blessing us with their green beauty.

There are now three different ways to learn – which suits your life right now?

Option 1:  Lifetime Access to the Updated 12-Lesson eCourse: Vaccine Free – Now What?

Access to all 12 lessons at once, for you to learn from over time (each with it’s own mp3 audio, transcript, PowerPoint slides and handouts as well as seven different bonuses including an extensive Resource Library, Private Facebook Forum and more). Anytime. Anywhere you have Internet (or if you download the content to your computer you’ll have offline access, too).

Instead of having a start date and expecting you to learn each lesson within a week, it’s all in your time, at your pace. We are all about making it work for you. One of the most popular bonuses is that you get to join a like-minded community of parents who actively post on the private Facebook forum. But that is just one of seven bonus offers!

And…drum roll please…live phone call check-ins are offered every second month for one hour. You get to ask me anything about homeopathy! This is not a time for questions about an acute illness you or a family member has, but rather questions about potency of remedies, repetition of remedies, when do you change a remedy, how do you choose a remedy, what does it mean to repertorize an illness…well…just about any question that has to do with homeopathy.

Option 2:  One Class at a Time

If 12-lessons all at once seems daunting (too much time, too much energy, too costly), we are very pleased to offer individual classes…one at a time, for those times when the media is going crazy with the reports of outbreaks of infectious illnesses like measles in Disneyland and you need information NOW! You can simply sign up for the individual class and learn how to support health and healing with homeopathy in an outbreak.

Option 3:  Testing the Waters

If you want to find out what the classes are like, we are happy to offer a free sampler class on measles where the cost is simply your time.  There is far more information in the individual Measles class…the free sampler is an introduction only. Sign up and decide for yourself:
One at a time
All 12 Lessons

Yours in health and healing,

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