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Vaccine Free Now What Course

Vaccine free - now what?


Learn what to do for your kids when they get sick with a serious infectious illness

If you are vaccine free or considering being a vaccine-free family, you can learn to prevent and treat infectious illnesses like measles and mumps.

By knowing what to do, how to support healing and how to use homeopathy, you can help your child move through every illness… even the most infectious diseases.

Vaccine Free Now What Course

Introducing "Vaccine free: now what?"

This is a 12-lesson e-course that will give you:

  • The hands-on information you need to use homeopathy effectively and safely to prevent and treat infectious illness.
  • The confidence and reassurance that you are helping your child heal by supporting their immune system rather than suppressing it.
  • The information to determine whether your child needs additional conventional medical support.
  • A complete look at each infectious childhood disease along with an accompanying resource guide so that you can confidently recognize and start homeopathic care (for instance, fever) at a very early stage.

You will also get:

  • Peace of mind in a 250-year-old medical system that has an incredibly effective history with outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics.
  • A new understanding of your child so that you can give them the right remedy for them… discover homeopathic remedies as personalities so that you can learn and ‘know’ what is needed to help your child heal easily, quickly and confidently.
  • Contact with a with like-minded people via a private forum to share homeopathic treatment. Help and support are only a message away.
  • An hour long phone call each quarter, to answer live questions.

Your immune builder teleseminar course

Each of the 12 lessons is designed to give you the basic information about recognizing the signs and symptoms of individual infectious illnesses, potential risks and complications, conventional treatment, nutritional support, common sense measures and the homeopathic response. I give you both traditional and homeopathic options so that you can make choices for your child and your family that make sense for you.

Guilt-free choices

What if we can have the best of both worlds? What if we can work co-operatively with common sense, homeopathy AND the conventional medical system. Then we have a system in place that works just like the immune system… working together to create the ideal situation to support healing in infectious diseases.

There are times when you may want or need to choose traditional medicine, especially in an emergency and you may want information that will help you know what to expect when you see the doctor. This will mean learning enough medical terms so that you are comfortable with “doctor/nurse speak”, especially when it comes to a diagnosis.

With this course information, you will be able to know when you need to make a choice to head to the hospital. You will gain the confidence to know how to support your child’s healing with homeopathy on the way to the doctor’s office or the hospital emergency room if needed.

The beauty of homeopathy is that it will not interfere with medical interventions and in fact, can be supportive… together rather than one or the other. You have guilt-free options!

Course outline

Just like our immune system response, each of the 12 lessons builds on previous information! The more you know, the better prepared you are with the best immune system response. You are going to experience some repetition in the information from week to week, but rather than being dull and boring you will likely find the repetition to be an important part of learning to use homeopathy effectively.



“Give me the power to produce a fever and I will cure any illness."
- Parmenides

The “war” on germs, viruses and bacteria is over. War is an outdated metaphor and in fact, there never was a battle, only a misunderstanding of what is really happening in the body at a sophisticated cellular level.

Our whole immune system is set up to adapt and evolve by working co-operatively with the virus and bacteria. Really? Yes. We get sick only when the immune system responds. That’s because our immune system creates the symptoms as a response to dealing with excess waste products created by virus and bacteria reproducing in our cells. (Hint…we’ll learn how the ‘house got dirty’ with virus and bacteria in the first place) Fever is a potent immune first responder and sets up a whole series of events that helps 'clean house’.

How important is fever? We’ll learn from current medical science research in published journals what to do instead of using over the counter medications like Baby Tylenol to suppress a fever. I know…we were all taught that was the ‘safe’ way to treat fever! We’ll learn the science of what is actually happening with the immune system response.


Homeo-what?! Even though homeopathy is a 250 year old medical art and science, it is possible that this is the first time you are hearing the word. You are not alone! I only had a suspicion that there was ‘something out there’ that supported healing in an entirely unique way. I was relieved to ‘discover’ homeopathy.

In India, doctors can choose between two streams of education: traditional medicine as it is practiced in the West (allopathic) or homeopathy plus conventional medical training. Homeopathy is the first choice for the Royal family in England and is covered by the National Health Care program.

You’ll also learn enough homeopathic philosophy so you understand how homeopathy works, instead of just following a script.

With every infectious illness, you will learn the top 5-10 homeopathic remedies that will help support and speed healing. The end result? Your child will have life-long immunity to the disease as opposed to the repeated series of vaccinations from childhood through to adulthood.

After the first two foundational classes, it’s time to get into the specifics of each individual illness and we will work through them in the same order that the vaccines are offered. For each infectious illness, you will learn:

  • The signs and symptoms
  • The possible risks and complications with each individual disease
  • Conventional medical prevention and treatment with possible risks and complications
  • Nutritional support and common sense measures
  • What you can do with homeopathy before, during and after medical treatment if needed.


Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (Whooping Cough) (DTaP in the vaccine schedule)

Whooping cough (the ‘P’ in the DPT, pertussis) is a really common disease that can have deadly consequences if untreated in the first year of life.

“Most people misunderstand whooping cough, including professionals.
cases never get diagnosed.”
- Dr. Doug Jenkinson

(a British medical doctor who has made it his mission to studying and diagnosing whooping cough)

Whooping cough is also common in the vaccinated population so this is must have information for everyone! This is one of the infectious childhood illnesses that have serious outbreaks from time to time.

Lesson 4: Polio

There was a time when this disease struck fear in every parent’s heart. My aunt still tells the story of how no one dared to go swimming in the local public pool on the hottest summer days in small town Saskatchewan for fear of getting polio!

Polio in the early stages can look just like flu. How much simpler would it be to catch a potentially devastating illness at this stage? You could avert a dangerous complication just by knowing what to do and how to use with homeopathy in the early stages of fever.

The more information you have, the more ‘ease’ you will have.

Lesson 5: VACCINE FREE in the SECOND YEAR of LIFE (and BEYOND), Measles (MMR in the vaccine schedule)

Measles is a disease that still causes severe complications and even death in third world countries. Want to know an effective treatment (besides homeopathy of course!)? Vitamin A. Yep…nutritional. Learn what to look for (hint – it’s in the mouth) in the early stages of measles and know what to expect as the illness progresses.

My oldest son Mark was known as ‘Mark the Bark’ because of his many episodes of croup. Thankfully, the first time he got croup I was visiting my parents. My mom knew exactly what to do. How was that? I had croup as a child…bad enough that I was hospitalized on at least one occasion. I learned how to make ‘croup tents’ from my mom. So this class will cover pneumonia, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and parainfluenza virus (which causes croup). Who knew they were all related to mumps and measles?

Lesson 6: VACCINE FREE in the SECOND YEAR of LIFE (and BEYOND) Mumps

My twenty something adult kids were part of an outbreak in Calgary 7 years ago. I thought they had immunity for life (they were vaccinated in the 1980’s) until the call went out from the public health officials that re-vaccination was the only form of prevention for this age group! There is a whole

generation in the late 20’s to mid/late-30’s who are as susceptible to these childhood illnesses now as they were as children in the 1980’s.

Both my young men were concerned about possible complications of mumps so they asked mom/homeopath for prevention.

Lesson 7: VACCINE FREE in the SECOND YEAR of LIFE (and BEYOND) Rubella

There is a context for fear of infectious diseases and history can inform. I found this quote by Helen Keller’s grand-niece.

“In the 1800s… Helen's illness was diagnosed by her doctor as "acute congestion of the stomach and the brain" or "Brain Fever," as it was sometimes called. Doctors today feel that it was most likely a case of scarlet fever or meningitis. Another possibility is a virulent strain of rubella, since Alabama was experiencing an epidemic around the time of Helen Keller's illness.”
- Keller Johnson-Thompson, Helen's great-grandniece

Being vaccine free and knowing about rubella and how homeopathy can help is essential.

Lesson 8: VACCINE FREE in the SECOND YEAR of LIFE (and BEYOND) Chicken Pox And Shingles

Many vaccine free families are so comfortable with this infectious illness, that when the ‘word’ is out that someone’s child has ‘spots’, chicken pox ‘parties’ are held. But if your child happens to have a severe case of chicken pox, you will want to know how to use homeopathy to help heal the most painful and uncomfortable symptoms.

More recently, there have been outbreaks of shingles. Shingles is the same virus but it has been dormant, stored in the spine. Only as we age and under stress is the virus re-activated as shingles. With the introduction of the vaccine, however, young children are getting shingles too.

Lesson 9: VACCINE FREE in the SECOND YEAR of LIFE (and BEYOND) Influenza

There’s frenzy every October to get the flu vaccine but what I’ll show you in this class, is that so many infectious viral illnesses can look like the flu. And have you noticed that the flu seems to hang around all year now? No matter what time of year, there are some great homeopathic remedies to prevent and treat flu!

Every once in awhile the seasonal flu vaccine is a ‘miss’, like this year, 2014-2015. If the circulating viruses are different from the strains used in the vaccine, everyone is susceptible to the flu, vaccinated or vaccine free. The flu virus mutates as well and with a significant mutation, a new or novel flu virus can enter the population and we have the potential for pandemics (world-wide).

“Perhaps the most recent use of homeopathy in a major epidemic was during the Influenza Pandemic of 1918. The Journal of the American Institute for Homeopathy, May, 1921, had a long article about the use of homeopathy in the flu epidemic. Dr. T A McCann, from Dayton, Ohio reported that 24,000 cases of flu treated allopathically had a mortality rate of 28.2% while 26,000 cases of flu treated homeopathically had a mortality rate of 1.05%. This last figure was supported by Dean W.A. Pearson of Philadelphia (Hahnemann College) who collected 26,795 cases of flu treated with homeopathy with the above result.”
- Julian Winston, Homeopath and Historian

Lesson 10: VACCINE FREE in the SECOND YEAR of LIFE (and BEYOND) Meningitis and Haemophilus influenza (HiB vaccine)

Meningitis is the one infectious illness that most parents who come to see me are concerned about because of the severity of the signs, symptoms and complications. We’ll learn the difference between viral and bacterial meningitis and what to look for in terms of physical signs/symptoms. Often, the illness can present much like the flu. Are you starting to see the pattern of infectious illness? Fever followed by flu-like symptoms?

The Haemophilus influenza vaccine was first introduced in the late 1980’s when my now young men were in their preschool years. HiB vaccine marked the beginning of more and more vaccines in the schedule.

“Unlike measles, polio or diphtheria, HiB does not cause a specific illness with which it, alone, can be identified. The most deadly forms of HiB infection include pneumonia and meningitis, but those diseases can have other causes, and can look the same whether caused by HiB or some other agent.”
- World Health Organization

Lesson 11: VACCINE FREE in the SECOND YEAR of LIFE (and BEYOND) Streptococcus pneumonia (Pneumococcus vaccine)

Streptococcus pneumoniae is the most common cause of otitis media (middle ear infection) in children and the most common cause of bacterial meningitis in adults.

Learn how to use homeopathy to effectively help heal ear infections and keep the use of antibiotics for a time when it is an emergency situation. Conventional medical doctors are cautious about using antibiotics because of the current trend of new superbugs that are antibiotic resistant. You will want something to help your child heal, especially when they are suffering, in pain and your family doctor has advised ‘to wait and see’ before prescribing antibiotics.

Lesson 12: VACCINE FREE in the SECOND YEAR of LIFE (and BEYOND) Hepatitis A, B and C

I’m sure you’ve seen the TV ads for the hepatitis vaccine. Good information about how you or your child can get this infectious illness but it’s important to know that there is an alternative for prevention and treatment of hepatitis. (You’ll even be able to use this information when planning for your tropical holiday!)


Because I want you to be able to start using this information right away, here are 6 ways to make this material effective for you...


Too busy tending to your family to catch a phone call or event? No problem! This course is completely electronic so there's no hassle of travel…and you can learn the content at your own pace. Some people space the audios out and listen each week, some put aside a weekend to listen as if they were at a live event (and yet they can pause it for any reason).

These 12 pre-recorded lessons are filled with valuable teaching content that you can learn from for years to come, listening at your convenience. Plus you will have the audios to return to in the future when you really need that specific information. You can download the mp3s and have the material forever. I have even had parents include the nanny with this course information so that she could help the children with homeopathy when needed.

 “I really loved the format of having the handout and the recordings.
The system was easy to use and the quality of the recordings was good. ”
- LP, Calgary, AB


After each of the 5 live courses in the past, alumni were invited to a private Facebook group where they could connect with like minded parents and receive on-going support. You will have access to this private group from the start, so that you can begin building your support network and your ability to ask for and receive help.

We don't have to parent alone, it's not all on your shoulders and you shouldn't feel alone with your concerns. You can be part of a community where others have made health decisions similar to yours - you really are in good company! There are parents who have had extraordinary experiences supporting their children through fever and illness, into the light of new found wellness. They are all on the private Facebook group and participating in the discussions in order to share what they know.

You may make more friends and receive more support in this e-course than you have at previous live events! You can meet and connect with like-minded parents from all over the country at the click of a button.

This is one of the most valuable bonuses in this course!

Current members shared this about how the Facebook group supports them:


After feedback from one of the participants we discovered that for some nursing moms and those who love the printed word, an easy-to-print transcript worked best for them. Then we added the slides for each week and voila! You have a complete package of information at your finger tips. You can download this information to store on your computer, and/or leave it on our platform to reference there.


Everything you would want to know, see and hear about an individual infectious illness all in one PDF Handout. Each relevant disease is covered with Research on Signs and Symptoms with Conventional Treatment Plus Homeopathic Treatment and Prevention Options. Check out the links to current medical information with photos and sound (everyone should hear what whooping cough sounds like!).


Each remedy has a personality of its own and in each profile, you will be introduced to and learn how to best use each one. Best of all, you will be delighted to discover that one remedy can be used in many different situations, especially if the ‘personality of the remedy’ fits.

For example, the homeopathic remedy Bryonia is known as the ‘grumpy bear’ that does NOT want to move, who downs lots of water at one go and who always wants to ‘go home’. (There’s a lot more to say about Bryonia, but you get the idea.) The ‘grumpy bear’ can have a sore throat, a headache, the flu, an upset tummy and if all these conditions are made worse from moving, with this kind of thirst and this kind of emotion, you’ll likely have great success in giving Bryonia to help heal whatever ails your little bear... or Big Bear too.


This recipe is shared via video and handout with tips for a homemade, love infused balm for cuts, scrapes, minor burns and sunburns. It's perfect for all the little bumps and bruises that are a part of being an active, healthy family.

The video will take you effortlessly through the process of making your very own cream (forget buying all the expensive commercially made all natural creams!). Included with the video is a step-by-step handout with an ingredient list and tips for mixing and individualizing your own family ‘brand’ cream. With all the great technology out there, take a family photo, make your own label and voila! a cream to call your own.

The 'immune system' guarantee

I really want you to come out of this course with a strong sense of what to do when you or your kids get sick with an infectious illness…kind of like the immune system getting stronger and better informed after every encounter with an illness. The more you know, the better your response.

But…if after attending the first two classes, reading the handouts, listening to the audio recordings and applying the information, you determine that you are not fully engaged in learning how to use homeopathy in infectious illnesses, then I will refund your money. The only thing I ask is that you share the resources that you receive with another family who would find this information valuable.

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More testimonials

“The desire to have healthy and happy kids is simply human nature.
When they hurt, we hurt.”
- Donna Powers


For $224.95 USD you will have lifetime access to invaluable information and living resources that will support your overall well being and that of your family forever. Each of the 12 lessons and 6 bonus offers contains a wealth of information that you can refer back to as needed.

(3 easy payments of $74.95 each month.)

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I understand that a lot of families dealing with health issues may also have financial problems as a result. More than once in my life, I have been financially vulnerable. I know what it is like... and I know that when we get back on our feet, we joyfully give back to others or pay-it-forward.

To ensure that what I teach is accessible to all, I am pleased to offer a Pay-what-you-can-afford model. To access this scholarship please email me, Donna, to in confidence and we can individualize a price and a payment plan that works for you.

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