JUST THE REMEDIES – A Powers of Homeopathy Online Course

Discover how to use your first Homeopathic Remedy Kit

for safe, gentle and non-toxic healing support.

“Creating a revolution of knowledge about homeopathic remedies”

You’ve made the decision. You are going to learn how to educate your child’s and your own immune system naturally.

You understand that kids get sick. Adults get sick and you want something natural, safe and effective without side effects to get through the worst of the physical symptoms.


You want to ensure that you, your children and grandchildren
can be assured of lifelong immunity.


A Powers Of Homeopathy Online Course

“Explore Your Homeopathic Remedy Kit: The Remedies and How to Use Them”

In this day and age there is a lot of fear around the impact of infectious childhood illnesses and fevers. If you believe what you see on TV you would have children who are always happy, in a constant wonderful mood and rarely if ever, sick!


Truth is… kids get sick. Truth is… most illnesses strengthen

the immune system, now and for life.

Strong natural immune systems developed in childhood can possibly prevent chronic diseases like allergies and cancer later in life.

As a mother, you understand that by having infectious illnesses in childhood you will be providing natural maternal immunity for your future children.

“What parents learn is that as well as the discomfort and risks of fever and illness,
there are also long term health benefits for children
exposed to measles, mumps, chicken pox and influenza.
It is all about finding balance and eliminating fear…”


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a 250 year old system of medicine that restores the sick to health. It utilises micro doses of substances from plants, minerals or the animal kingdom to arouse and support the natural immune system to heal itself.

It is a non-toxic, non-addictive and gentle holistic body-mind system that matches the best indicated remedy to each individual person.


Be Empowered to Use Your Homeopathy Kit

Many people buy their first homeopathy kit and wonder how to use the remedies! In this series you will discover what remedies to use for any kind of accident, injury or illness throughout childhood and beyond. It is a beginner series and we will take you back to the very beginning.

Be empowered to work with safe and trusted solutions to childhood illnesses and enjoy fewer trips to the doctor and emergency room.

With the JUST THE REMEDIES Course you will:

  •      Discover 40 homeopathic remedies that you can use confidently for the health of your family
  •      Feel more confident to know what to use immediately for the inevitable illnesses and injuries that are part of a normal childhood
  •      Enjoy a more practical understanding of infectious illnesses than what the media portrays
  •      See quicker recovery and fewer potential complications with common viral illnesses.

Parents say…

“I didn’t really know much about homeopathy until about five years ago when I had my first child. And I learned about it slowly over 2-3 years before I felt more comfortable and confident in using it. I think it’s a little overwhelming at first trying to understand how symptoms match up with remedies, how to dose, etc.

But once you start “getting it,” it becomes much easier. Honestly, taking the course really made a difference for me! I went from having a few go-to remedies to a massive kit that I use all the time.” – DP


After taking this class with Donna, I feel more confident in determining the specifics of remedies that I should use. As a mother with little children, I find it difficult in the thick of acute sicknesses. In those times, I feel I need to be quick in figuring out which remedy and dilution to use. Donna put my mind at ease by sharing a clear outline to follow when a homeopath cannot be reached.

She also shared alternative suggestions to try when I feel it is the correct remedy but the illness does not react in a predictable way. I learned, for instance, the difference between preparing a wet infusion as compared to giving a dry remedy. I also feel a bit better knowing that I can antidote what has been given if I have given the wrong remedy, or the wrong dose. The information presented in this class would be helpful to all parents.

Donna’s dedication to helping people feel empowered and supported while using homeopathy shines through.

Thank you Donna for all of your knowledge and expertise!” – JS


How do you participate?

  • Every week you will discover an effective new remedy that you can use to help support healing and prevention in outbreaks for your loved ones.
  • These sessions are live and online available to anyone globally who has internet access or a telephone. Worried about missing a class? Worry no more. Everything is recorded in audio or video. You can catch up when the time works for you.
  • Each session includes 30 minutes of class and 15 minutes of question time.
  • Over 40 weeks you will become familiar with 40+ home remedies.
  • Each week includes a live Q&A with Donna – get real support as you progress.

Introducing the new Pay What You Can Afford Model!

Dear Reader!

I have been doing this a long time. I have seen the positive and sometimes life changing impacts of homeopathy in the home and I am of the firm belief that this mission is not only important, but crucial; families must have a choice to access these alternative healing modalities. My earthly purpose is to empower families around the world and I want to create a supportive community that is knowledgeable and confident to ignore much of the fear mongering that is used in the media. I work with people from all walks of life and my goal is to truly make this work accessible to all. To this end; I produce all types of media to suit different learning styles.

And here is the big news! I am nervously and with excitement launching a Pay What You Can Afford Model. It feels right. I understand that a lot of families who are dealing with health issues may have financial problems as a result.

I have chosen this pay what you can afford model so that everyone can join, regardless of your financial status. Please pay the suggested amount, or pay over time. But if you need to pay less or simply can’t afford to pay, please contact me for a gift coupon, there is no shame; everyone deserves good health.

Likewise if you can afford to sponsor someone else, whether you know them or not, please make a donation separately here on Paypal and a scholarship will go to a family in need with deep appreciation.

To be honest I don’t know how this payment option will work out but I am choosing to believe that my earthly needs will be provided as I step forward with my work by making it accessible and affordable to all.

– Donna

“The desire to have healthy and happy kids is simply human nature.
When they hurt, we hurt.”

Payment options!

 Homeopathy Remedies  Homeopathy Course

Sharing options!

If you need help to access the course – please email me with the amount you can afford. No one will be turned away due to a lack of funds. donna@powersofhomeopathy.com

If you appreciate what we do and can afford to sponsor another parent, please make a donation through Paypal with our deepest gratitude.

 Homeopathy Class   Homeopathy Training

Event Details

Runs almost weekly – 40 weeks over the course of one year.  

Start date:   Tuesday, October 24, 2017  10AM Mountain Time (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) and/or

Thursday October 26, 2017  1PM Mountain Time (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)



You can access the course from anywhere in the world once you have either a phone or internet connection.

Recordings: If you miss a session due to the busyness of life – be worry-free! All sessions are recorded and will be available for you to review in  your own time. These will be available for all types of learners – delivered with a choice of audio, video or written transcripts.

Visual Worksheets: Are you a visual learner? The visual worksheets will enhance your learning experience!

Remedy Guide: These are beautifully illustrated printable guides. Collect them all in a binder as you progress. It is your remedy resource book and quick access guide.


BONUS! Free Sessions!

I am thrilled to offer two bonus sessions for all participants.

Intro to Homeopathic Remedies – In this session we get back to basics. Discover how homeopathic are made, what the names mean, what the numbers mean so that you have a solid foundation upon which to start.

3 Remedies for Fever – Aconite, Belladonna, Ferrum phos are remedies suitable for fever. In this bonus session I share practical tips for feeling confident using these homeopathic treatments.