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Beyond Arnica for Sprains, Strains, Concussions and Injuries

Looking to learn more about homeopathic remedies for accident and injury and you are ready to reach beyond Arnica in your home and travel kit? Ready to step into the online learning model? It can be scary if you have never taken an online webinar so here is a way to maybe get your first … Read more

Guess the Remedy – Putting Myself Back Together Again

Thanks to everyone who sent in remedy suggestions to help support healing from the rear end collision. My ‘rear end’ is still stiff and sore but I have an appointment with an osteopath coming up, some massage appointments and time with my chiropractor. I will heal in no time! I loved being able to read … Read more

Sparrow Medicine

Have you ever had an experience of nature and wondered if perhaps there was some personal significance, message or meaning in the event, in the encounter between human and animal or force of nature? Often times, it is the dramatic that catches the imagination. A random sighting of a hawk or eagle in flight, mountain … Read more


Last week’s newsletter very briefly covered a couple of very serious diseases, Blastomycosis and Lyme Disease. If you missed, check it out here. Blastomycosis was a new one for me but Lyme disease is something that is in the news these days so, I had some notion of what was involved with its flu-like symptom picture. In terms … Read more

Heart of the Matter

“Take care of yourself — you never know when the world will need you.”  – Rabbi Hillel   Today’s blog is short and sweet. February is designated as heart month in Canada. I guess because Valentine’s Day is the big celebration. Last weekend my husband had a heart attack while I was away in California. Hardly the … Read more

One Misstep on the Slippery Slope…or Stairs

Hola and Feliz Ano Nuevo from Baja Mexico! May 2015 be an amazing year for you! And yes…I am really writing this week’s newsletter from Mexico…with my foot resting on a handy package of paper towels. You would be surprised at how comfy they are as a footstool for a sprained foot. Yep…Christmas Eve. Sprained … Read more

Open Wide! Back to School Dental Check Up

Back to school usually means getting the kids to the dentist for a check up. Always a good day when you hear, “no cavities!” Whew! Happy kids, happy checkbook. Hip-hippo-ray! But every once in a while, the news is a little harsher. Maybe a filling is needed or a tooth has to be pulled. Whether … Read more

Mother Goose on the Loose: Rhymes for Remedies

Today’s charming guest video blog is brought to you by Jackie Griffin Synott, student of homeopathy in Cork, Ireland, and mom to daughter Casey. Her very recent book, Rhymes for Remedies, is a must-have in your growing library of homeopathic materia medica (book of remedies), especially if you have young children or grandchildren who love to … Read more