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Guess the Remedy – Putting Myself Back Together Again

Thanks to everyone who sent in remedy suggestions to help support healing from the rear end collision. My ‘rear end’ is still stiff and sore but I have an appointment with an osteopath coming up, some massage appointments and time with my chiropractor. I will heal in no time!

I loved being able to read what you came up with for remedy suggestions and if you had as much fun as I did with ‘guess the remedy’, would you like more newsletters like this? We could maybe have a Guess the Remedy newsletter once a month and I could offer some discounted classes to help with the learning curve. As I said to one reader who said she was she was a ‘novice’, “I think even homeopaths of many years are still novices! Truly. We are always learning.”

A homeopathic kit in every home and the knowledge of how to use the remedies for at home prescribing! That is the aim of this weekly newsletter/blog posts, FB posts and Homeopathy First Magazine.


So what did the homeopath prescribe for me 3-4 days after the accident? I had taken Arnica but what he suggested turned me around and like Humpty, put my fragmented feeling self back together again!

The homeopath advised me to take Aconite 1M and it was very helpful. I was still in shock. Rhus tox was helpful last night after a full day of consults and I was feeling stiff and needed to take a very hot bath.

Remember Aconite when any event comes on suddenly, whether an accident, a flu, a fever, a shock like grief or a sudden death of a loved one, bad news, after having a baby or even too much joy!

Here is Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s description and you can see how many of you who responded, thought of Rhus tox (as did I but prescribing for oneself if ill-advised 🙁

“Aconitum just can’t sit still. He tosses about. This is similar to Arsenicum and Rhus toxicodendron, it is only much more intense, vigorous, sudden and acute. It is a sudden burst of excitement, fear or anxiety with great restlessness. He doesn’t know where to go or what to do, his mind is ruled over by tremendous anxiety and fear. Then this whole state disappears as suddenly as it had come without leaving a trace.”

One of the symptoms of Aconite is ‘being beside oneself’ and that is certainly what I felt like – it was as if the jolt of the collision bumped me right outside of myself! I was quite disoriented.

One of the responses I had after taking the Aconite was to pee…a lot, more than ‘normal’.  In homeopathy, it is considered a good sign after taking a remedy, to have a discharge of some sort.

So that reminded me of another situation where Aconite is exceptional – after the birth of a baby when there is retention of urine. If you stop to consider, birth can be, for the baby, quite a sudden shock – going from the warm protected womb into the cold dry air! And delivery can be quite a shock for the birth mom! So if there is retention of urine in both mom and baby or one or the other, think of Aconite.

One more quote from Dr. Sankaran about Aconite:

“The main feeling of Aconitum is of a sudden, intense threat from outside that comes suddenly and goes suddenly. For that moment the person, who is otherwise calm becomes intensely restless, panicky and nervous. This feeling of a sudden threat is seen in the fear of walking across a busy street, fear of accidents, of suffocation, in presentiment of death and in the delusion that he is about to die. Mentally this is expressed as a fear of death, anxiety and restlessness etc., while in the physical sphere, we find a racing pulse, palpitation and flushing of face alternating with paleness, etc.”

There you go…a couple of situations where Aconite could be useful in your at home prescribing. Keep adding to your kit and I will keep writing tips. And if you want a regular guess the remedy post, drop me line! I will let you know next week what the verdict is.

Yours in health and healing,



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