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Heart of the Matter

“THeartsake care of yourself — you never know

when the world will need you.” 

– Rabbi Hillel


Today’s blog is short and sweet.

February is designated as heart month in Canada. I guess because Valentine’s Day is the big celebration.

Last weekend my husband had a heart attack while I was away in California. Hardly the Valentine’s Day/Heart Month celebration we had in mind for February! He is doing well and we are grateful for conventional medicine where they can find blocked coronary arteries, put in stents and send you home within 3 days!

So today’s message? Take care of yourself. Which is what both my husband and I will do these next couple of weeks… in between many appointments. My husband means a great deal to a great many people so his recovery in the next month is important. There are those in this world who still need him and what he brings to life.

Quick homeopathic tips:

Aconite – for shock on hearing bad news (especially if you are far from home and your loved one); a 200CH potency will be very helpful.

Arnica – for shock and post surgery. We have used a 200CH to help recover from the angioplasty. Lots of bruising, aching pain and swelling.

Bellis perennis – again for the angioplasty. Similar to Arnica but for the very deep tissues. 200CH potency.

Next appointment on the list for husband is a check in with our homeopath in Vancouver.

Here is a poem that can remind us all, Valentine’s Day is every day!

A Perfect Heart
By Ted Kooser

To make a perfect heart you take a sheet
of red construction paper of the type
that’s rough as a cat’s tongue, fold it once,
and crease it really hard, so it feels
as if your thumb might light up like a match,

then choose your scissors from the box. I like
those safety scissors with the sticky blades
and the rubber grips that pinch a little skin
as you snip along. They make you careful,
just as you should be cutting out a heart

for someone you love. Don’t worry that your curve
wont’ make a valentine; it will. Rely
on chewing on your lip and symmetry
to guide your hand along with special art.
And there it is at last: A heart, a heart!

Yours in health and healing,

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