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One Misstep on the Slippery Slope…or Stairs

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 2.21.01 PMHola and Feliz Ano Nuevo from Baja Mexico!

May 2015 be an amazing year for you!

And yes…I am really writing this week’s newsletter from Mexico…with my foot resting on a handy package of paper towels. You would be surprised at how comfy they are as a footstool for a sprained foot. Yep…Christmas Eve. Sprained foot. Major sprained foot. Nothing like taking a step, thinking it is your last step down on the landing when in fact, you have two more risers on the stairs to go. It seems quite remarkable that I did not damage my tailbone or brace with an arm/wrist to break the fall. The left foot took the whole of the spill.

This was to be the first Christmas Eve that I was really taking care of myself and the family was going out for dinner rather than me cooking for a week and having everyone in our home! Ha! The best-laid plans for self-care… How often do you find it is just one misstep and the best-laid plans go out the window…or in my case, down the stairs?

Nothing, however, was going to stop me from going out for dinner, so I started the Arnica and alternated with Ruta and headed out the door, saying to everyone, ‘I am fine. Let’s go.’ This is, of course, a very good indication for Arnica…saying you are well when in fact you are in shock, pain, and denial about just how bad the injury is.

Dinner was lovely and thankfully, I was able to sleep that night. Christmas dinner the next day was at our home and I am SO grateful for a family who knows how to pull together! My daughter-in-law came over early and made sure that everyone had turkey with all the fixings. Shout out to Natalie! You are the best daughter-in-law. Ever!

So today’s newsletter is all about accidents and injuries. Short and sweet, and now I know just how successful homeopathy is with an ankle/foot sprain! There is nothing like personal experience with remedies to really help you understand how homeopathy helps heal!

The Remedies: Arnica and Ruta

Arnica is the ‘go-to’ remedy for accidents/injuries or states where there is swelling, bruising, pain, inflammation, and shock. The state of Arnica or the symptoms of Arnica match the state or symptoms of those who have been in an accident for 75% of people, 75% of the time. There will be those folks who do not respond to Arnica the way that 75% of the people do and they will need a different homeopathic remedy (Sulphuric acid, for example…it can look like Arnica in many ways, especially in injuries). But for most of us, Arnica does amazing help in supporting healing. Despite the seriousness of my foot sprain, I have been in very little pain.

In fact, Arnica can be so helpful that I often encourage people to still rest even if they are feeling much better post accident!

Screenshot 2015-01-06 00.19.50Here is what my foot looks like 10 days later…still swelling, LOTS of discoloration, and quite tender; tender to the point of not wanting anyone else to touch it or come near it!

One of the best articles I have ever read on the state of Arnica is by homeopath Kim Boutilier, who practices in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her article is published on another homeopathic website. Have a read!

In Kim’s article, she shows the reader the ‘defiance’ of Arnica. In my situation, the refusal to have the foot x-rayed is the state of defiance in Arnica. Perhaps I will go for an x-ray when I return home from Mexico!

Although Kent’s Lecture is about Hypericum in this link, this is likely one of the best pieces of information you can find on the treatment of acute injuries in all of homeopathic literature.

How Much Arnica and How Often?

In a situation of a bad sprain like the one I had, I took Arnica 1M, 3-4 times that night (2 granules or pellets at a time) and then switched to a 30CH and repeated that daily for a week, 3 times a day. I plan to take it today, as well, as there seems to be some pain again and the swelling is still there…and the bruising! I am making sure to rest too.

Ruta graveolens

Ruta is from the citrus family of plants. If you think of a sprain where the tendons and muscles are twisted and stretched, this is similar to the action of squeezing a citrus fruit like a lemon, lime, or orange. This is exactly what happened to my foot. I swear I heard something snap when I hit the landing!

Ruta has a special affinity for the tendons and will be a very useful remedy in your kit, not only for strains and sprains but also for repetitive injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome (if this is chronic, though, a visit to your homeopath may be needed) or eye strain from computer work.

How Much Ruta and How Often?

With the Ruta, I have been taking a low potency (3CH) twice a day to help support healing of the tendons. I will likely continue this for another week or so…or until I return to Calgary, depending on how the healing is continuing.

Next week will be an update… and maybe another foot photo!

I do hope that your New Year is a little less eventful than mine has been to date!

Yours in health and healing,

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