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Mother Goose on the Loose: Rhymes for Remedies

Today’s charming guest video blog is brought to you by Jackie Griffin Synott, student of homeopathy in Cork, Ireland, and mom to daughter Casey. Her very recent book, Rhymes for Remedies, is a must-have in your growing library of homeopathic materia medica (book of remedies), especially if you have young children or grandchildren who love to shake, bounce, shout, or sing a poem!

How many of us started the journey of homeopathic medicine when our babies were born or when our children were little? How many of you were looking for answers to illnesses, looking for natural remedies that were safe and easy to use? For those of you who were ‘born into’ families already using homeopathy, you grew up with the ‘language of remedies.’ So many remedies, so much to remember! What was I supposed to use for diarrhea again? Insect bites?

For those of us still learning remedies, Jackie has given us a very clever way to master the language of homeopathic medicines…with the help of Mother Goose! Read the rhymes to your kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, day home or daycare kids and everyone learns the remedies! Learning the homeopathic materia medica one poem at a time…now that’s a great idea for teaching the world about homeopathy!

Jackie, her adorable daughter, and her daughter’s classmates give us a preview in the video below — enjoy!

About Jackie Griffin Synnott

Homeopathy has been an integral part of Jackie’s life since the birth of her daughter, Casey, nearly four years ago. Jackie, a student of The Irish School of Homeopathy, found it very effective first hand on treating children’s ailments such as Teething, Colds/Flu, Earaches, Sore Throats, and Sleeplessness just to name a few.

Her book, Rhymes for Remedies, is a colourful, simple, effective book with useful remedy information to treat some acute children’s ailments. She is thrilled that the wonderful illustrator Paul Delaney brought this book to life with his amazing illustrations.

The easy-to-use book was designed with the use of children’s Nursery Rhymes to help us associate a Rhyme with a Remedy. This is a clever way to help the parent initiate a remedy quickly by observing a remedy picture in the child.

Jackie lives in Southern Ireland with her husband Peter and daughter Casey.

Thank you, Jackie! So glad to be able to share your brilliant work with our readers!

If you love the video as much as I do, pick up your copy of Jackie’s book here.

Yours in health and healing,



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