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Arhive Title: vaccine free: now what?

Moms, Sick Kids, Coxsackie and Gardens – The Time of Your Life!

A Belated Mother’s Day Wish Today’s newsletter is a celebration of time, beauty, love, friendship, mothering and the simple, small things in life. May you find this in your life today and every day. You are an important part of my weekly life as I write…you are so appreciated! I am writing this the day … Read more

From My Garden to Yours

Spring – the promise of new beginnings, earth warming, and the awaiting of the first rain. Air infused with the smell of rain and damp soil…aaahhhh. If I could sing like the robins, I would! Loudly! In this part of the world, spring has arrived three weeks early. Let’s hope Mother Nature keeps up remarkable … Read more

Soccer To Me!

  Spring has arrived in Calgary at least 3-4 weeks early! Temperatures are anywhere from spring-like to almost-summer. Dry as the desert with the west winds coming off the mountains and from the north, a chill. So it is still a little brisk in the morning but you can hear the robins singing their little … Read more

Sneezy, Wheezy Springtime Woes

It’s April! Inhale a deep breath of sap flowing, buds bursting, the smell of dirt and warming soil. It’s spring – finally! The season of joy and life and renewal! Right? Ennhhh…wrong… Especially if that first whiff of spring brings on your symptoms of weepy/watery eyes, a burning, sneezing watery nose, a sore throat, and … Read more

Shout-Out to Thinking Moms’ Revolution

Today’s newsletter is all about celebrating a book and a movement called The Thinking Moms’ Revolution.   To the women (and one man) who are TMR: You are courageous, brilliant, articulate, honest, funny, passionate, heartbreakingly honest, compassionate, and righteously angry, and boy, do you ever challenge everyone to think about autism in a new way! … Read more

Getting Down and Dirty: Composting the Easy Way

From the Home Files I would like to introduce you to a couple of Homeopathy First Magazine contributors who just happen to be my parents, Gord and Betty Sanguin. Be sure check out the links at the end of the newsletter to get a sneak peek of their magazine articles! Both are in their 80’s … Read more

Issue 4 of Homeopathy First Magazine: REAWAKENING

ANNOUNCEMENT Issue 4 of Homeopathy First Magazine: REAWAKENING is available! With above seasonal temperatures in the foothills of the Rockies this year, life is reawakening prematurely. There are tulip and daffodil bulbs 2-3 inches high on the south side of houses and buildings, fuzzy gray aspen tree buds breaking out of their pods, green … Read more

Guest Writer Dr. Roland H. Guenther

What’s in a homeopathic remedy? Today’s guest writer is colleague Dr. Roland Guenther explaining the ‘nothing in a homeopathic remedy’. Maybe you read the news story too? Maybe a friend or family member came to you with the story knowing you use homeopathy? And you weren’t sure what to say to them? Here is one … Read more

Frankenstein Flu with a Side of Sore Throat

Three years post graduation for me, I started up an ‘e-zine’ (that is what they were called back in the ‘old days’ just a decade and a half ago!). For many reasons, I stopped writing. Seems some of us need a few tries before we find our purpose! With a recent outbreak of sore throats … Read more