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Getting Down and Dirty: Composting the Easy Way

From the Home Files

I would like to introduce you to a couple of Homeopathy First Magazine contributors who just happen to be my parents, Gord and Betty Sanguin. Be sure check out the links at the end of the newsletter to get a sneak peek of their magazine articles!

Both are in their 80’s and are a vibrant living testament to healthy eating, healthy living and yes, homeopathy! My mom introduced me to a homeopath over 20 years ago for help with my oldest son and I never looked back.

Gord and Betty Sanguin

My mom goes to a water workout a couple of times a week, walks the neighborhood, has Friday morning breakfasts for family, quilts, heads the volunteers for the Oak Table lunch program that feeds guests a meal that meets her ‘family standards’ (egg salad at least an inch thick on fresh bread) and in the summer, tends to her garden flowers.

My dad plays bridge at least twice a week, curls, plays badminton, walks the neighborhood, volunteers at Oak Table from time to time and in the spring he starts his plants in a backyard greenhouse. Then in summer he plants his gardens, taking his harvest to a small market where he shares the goodness of organic, home grown goodness. After many years of composting, he has some of the best garden soil you will find.

When I told them about my entry into the multi-media mobile magazine business (Homeopathy First magazine), they were the first subscribers. Yay! Then when I asked them to write an article, they both rose to the challenge. YAY!

Recently, my mom uploaded Homeopathy First magazine’s Issue 4: Reawakening and while we chatted on our morning phone call, she handed the iPad to my dad so that he could read his article. My dad’s hands are arthritic, knobby and bent in all directions and I imagined him swiping the tablet screen from page to page. After awhile, I asked my mom to check in with dad and ask what he thought of his article before we finished our call. She glanced over and saw that he had read to the end and with tears in his eyes he asked, “How do I let everyone know how to buy the magazine?” He loved the look of his article in the magazine. Yay!

Of course, I cried. This is what life is all about I thought – sharing information and giving others that platform to share wisdom on all things health and healing. I remind myself of that every time I struggle with getting the next issue out, grasping a new technology and learning ‘marketing’ skills. When I heard my dad ask the question, I thought, marketing really is that easy…even with a new technology. It’s all about sharing.

So today I am sharing my dad’s article on composting for those who want to get a head start creating their own backyard compost this spring.

And… my mom wrote her article on Aging Consciously in Homeopathy First Magazine’s Issue 3: A Light in the Dark. You can check that one out as well.

Here are the links to make it easy for you. You can read the full articles by Gord & Betty Sanguin simply by opting in with your name and email address:

Grampa Gord Sanguin’s Composting Made Easy

Gramma Betty Sanguin’s Conscious Aging: Complicated and Grace-filled

Want more?

To answer my dad’s question, ‘How do I let everyone know how to buy the magazine?’

Here’s how:

Thank you to all my friends, family and colleagues far and wide who have already subscribed and my heartfelt gratitude also for sharing with your family/friends, the wisdom in these articles written by a couple of pretty amazing octogenarians who just happen to be my parents. Please feel free to send this newsletter to anyone and everyone you think might be interested in a whole new paradigm for health and healing.


You can like us on Facebook and on Twitter too! So many ways to spread wisdom and love.



Yours in health, healing and homeopathy,


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