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Arhive Title: vaccine free: now what?

Polio: Past and Present

Two offers for you: 1. Measles Essentials: A Free Sample eClass Get a good idea of what to expect in the 12-week eCourse. Plus, you’ll get some great measles information in the midst of the current outbreaks. 2. Vaccine Free: Now what? 12-Week eCourse If the information below on Polio is helpful to you, consider registering for this eCourse. … Read more

Today’s Whoop: What’s Failing?

Today marks the kick off for our 5th session of Vaccine Free: Now What? woohoo! About 5 years ago, after reading published scholarly articles and sensational newspaper headlines about outbreaks of infectious illnesses and vaccine injury, I had an inkling that the whole issue of outbreaks was simply going to escalate. Fast forward to today. Outbreaks of whooping … Read more

Books, Conversations and Flu

As with many books, they often fall into my hands. I had thought I was getting a book explaining quantum physics to the lay person (Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World) but what I got instead was an inspiring perspective on how great change happens in the world through the … Read more

More Measles in the News

Last April’s newsletter covered an outbreak of measles in Calgary. Parents of high school kids were caught off guard and were faced with choices of quarantine and/or vaccination boosters. For those high school kids who were vaccine-free, it was a challenging decision. Be sure to read it again for all the details on how to … Read more

Gratitude 2014 – Growing 2015

Looking behind I am filled with gratitude. Looking forward I am filled with vision. Looking upwards I am filled with strength. Looking within I discover peace. ~ Quero Apache Prayer Happy New Year! And… Thank you for another great year! Looking Behind: Gratitude I am so thankful for you in my life. Your time is … Read more

Said It Before and Saying It Again: THANK YOU!

Since the first newsletter went out in December of 2012, the mailing list continues to grow. Thank you! And…now the fourth 12-week teleseminar is being offered! THANK YOU for sharing with me three successful courses, and much gratitude for the many more Vaccine Free: Now What? online seminars to come. We now have many families … Read more

Immune System: A War or a Housecleaning?

Gentle Nudges The fall Vaccine Free: Now What? course is now taking registrations. And today, before midnight MT, you can still register at the early bird price of $435. before the price goes up to $550 tomorrow, September 19th. Sending kids back to school can take a big bite out of the budget, so do take advantage … Read more

A ‘Measle-y’ Intro: A Taste of VFNW?

Life is going smoothly. Kids are back at school, homeschooling schedule is in place, and everyone is back to routine. Until you receive…. The Letter Home from the Public Health Nurse Home Alone was my kids’ favorite movie in the 1990’s, about the same time that ‘good moms vaccinated’ their kids. And I did vaccinate … Read more