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Soccer To Me!


Spring has arrived in Calgary at least 3-4 weeks early! Temperatures are anywhere from spring-like to almost-summer. Dry as the desert with the west winds coming off the mountains and from the north, a chill. So it is still a little brisk in the morning but you can hear the robins singing their little hearts out. Geese honking overhead, magpies screeching as they build stick mansions in the evergreens and greening poplars – it’s a busy time!

One of the signs in the city of Calgary, are the billboards announcing that it’s time for soccer registration…hmmmm…will the pleasant temperatures continue? I still have not so fond memories of standing by the sidelines in spring watching our boys play mostly baseball but on occasion soccer as well. Winter hats, mitts, heavy socks and then all of a sudden, the late afternoon sun would come out and the temperatures would climb up. In Calgary, the weather can change so quickly. So you peel off all the outerwear and then, rain. Really?? Add to the mix, kids getting heated up, and then cooling down and you have a recipe for potential injury and illness.

The Soccer Mom’s Homeopathic Kit – Baseball Too!

Let’s face it. It’s likely you that is doing all the ‘in case of’ planning as you head out the door on the way to the next game.

Today I’d like to introduce you to an online journal called Homeopathy 4 Everyone. Elaine Lewis has written a great article just for this rite of spring. You’ll likely recognize some of the scenarios and have had at least one member of the team get beaned, tripped, knocked over, stung by wasps…need I say more? You could likely tell me more crazy stories than I could possibly invent! Please enjoy…and update your remedy kit, pop it in the team travel bag and you’re good to go for another season of soccer, baseball and for that matter, indoor hockey!

Soccer Moms, Heads Up!

For those who are more inclined to stay home and get the garden cleaned up, check out the most recent issue of Homeopathy First Magazine: Reawakening. Who knew gardening could present opportunities for using homeopathy? Plus…if you have ever considered starting a compost without a lot of fuss, check out my dad’s article Composting Made Easy.

Send us your comments/stories of how you used a homeopathic remedy post soccer/baseball injury! Post in the comments section at the end of the newsletter.

Issue 4 of Homeopathy First Magazine: Reawakening

Yours in health and healing,


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