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June 2016 The Return Home to Fort McMurray

As most of you readers know, I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and if you recall, 3 years ago we had a flood in the downtown core and in the surrounding small towns in southern Alberta. To give you an idea of the extent of just how much water we had, here are a couple of … Read more

Here Comes the Sun, and I Say “It’s Not All Right” (for Some of Us)

“A vacation is a sunburn at premium prices.” ~Hal Chadwicke Now that you have your motion/car sickness remedies lined up for the annual summer vacation, (what? You don’t? Check out this post) you can turn your thoughts to the possibility of sunstroke and sunburn. Are we having fun yet? As a child, sunscreen was unheard … Read more

Want Healthy Peepers? Lose the Shades!

Hello! Just a quick reminder – I will be on Blab this week, Wednesday June 1, 2016 at 12noon MST talking about Travel and Your Must Have Top Ten Remedy kit for first aid emergencies. For sure! Missed a couple of weeks as I was on the road myself and I have a homeopathy to … Read more

Half Life of Truth

BLAB LIVE – 12Noon MST Live Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 I am on the road this week, travelling to the west coast. But I will still be going ‘live on Blab’ on Wednesday, from the road. Just not sure where I will be in terms of location but somewhere where there is wifi and a … Read more

When is Enough, Enough?

Spring rains are making everything green here in Calgary. But after three days of rain you start thinking thoughts like “I wonder if the rivers will flood? I wonder if the mountain snow melt with the rain will affect homes near the riverbanks? I wonder if my little annuals are going to drown?” You spend … Read more

Moms, Sick Kids, Coxsackie and Gardens – The Time of Your Life!

A Belated Mother’s Day Wish Today’s newsletter is a celebration of time, beauty, love, friendship, mothering and the simple, small things in life. May you find this in your life today and every day. You are an important part of my weekly life as I write…you are so appreciated! I am writing this the day … Read more

The 100-Day Cough – AKA Whooping Cough

A one-time case in my private homeopathic practice this week is hardly call for a whooping cough epidemic in Calgary but a quick search on the internet revealed that there have been several outbreaks happening in Canada and the USA these last few years. Whooping cough or Pertussis happens, even in the vaccinated population. So … Read more

From My Garden to Yours

Spring – the promise of new beginnings, earth warming, and the awaiting of the first rain. Air infused with the smell of rain and damp soil…aaahhhh. If I could sing like the robins, I would! Loudly! In this part of the world, spring has arrived three weeks early. Let’s hope Mother Nature keeps up remarkable … Read more

Soccer To Me!

  Spring has arrived in Calgary at least 3-4 weeks early! Temperatures are anywhere from spring-like to almost-summer. Dry as the desert with the west winds coming off the mountains and from the north, a chill. So it is still a little brisk in the morning but you can hear the robins singing their little … Read more