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Half Life of Truth

BLAB LIVE – 12Noon MST Live Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

I am on the road this week, travelling to the west coast. But I will still be going ‘live on Blab’ on Wednesday, from the road. Just not sure where I will be in terms of location but somewhere where there is wifi and a little bit of quiet so that I can broadcast. I’ll be ‘blabbing’ about ‘Homeopathy on the Road’ – what to take with you for a travel kit. I have used mine already and I am only one day into our travels!

You will need the Blab app and the connection is made through FaceBook or Twitter. Also…you will have to use Chrome or Firefox and NOT Safari. Blab is still in beta testing and is a bit glitchy for some. Persevere with the glitches and join me! Ask me any questions you have about homeopathy and travel in the live chat box.

Visit and go to Google Play or Apple App Store to get the app.


Half Life of Truth

Please welcome Roland Guenther, MD (Germany) as our guest homeopath today. Has this happened to you? Your doctor says take this for that and you faithfully take or give the medicine as prescribed, only to discover, a couple of years later…the medicine has changed. The theories have changed. You are told that ‘they’ no longer do it this way. Try this way. What is happening? What is the truth?

Dr. Guenther shares his views on ‘Half Life of Truth’, medicine and homeopathy:

hourglass-620397_1920Have a guess, how long is the half life of medical knowledge?  How long do you think it will take for half of what we think to be true in medicine today, is not considered true anymore?  Well to be honest, I do not know exactly.  Different sources give different numbers.  Some say it is 7 years, others say it is less than 3 years.  Let us assume that it might be 5 years because the exact length of time does not matter here so much.  Imagine in 5 years, half of what medical doctors tell you today, what they truly believe in, is not true anymore.  That makes you think.  Was it ever true at all?

You may wonder what half life means.

In physics the half life of a substance is the time that it takes for only half of the original substance being left.  The Technetium isotope 99m for example is radio-active and decays through its own radioactivity.  After 6 hours, only half of the original Technetium 99m is left, after 24 hours 94% is gone.  Its half life is 6 hours.

Now ponder that:  Scientific knowledge also has a half life.  What we think today to be true, after a certain period of time, half of it is not considered true anymore.  Let me give you an example.  When I was a young MD, we treated asthma with theophylline.  We did elaborate blood checks to guarantee that the patient has the necessary amount of the drug in his blood stream.  We believed in it.  It was scientifically accepted truth.  So what happened meanwhile?  Studies showed that the blood levels of Theophylline have nothing to do with the respiratory difficulty of a patient with asthma.  Nobody believes in this anymore.


Homeopathy – Another Truth

Homeopathy is more than 200 years old.  According to the World Health Organization and given the number of people using it worldwide, it is the second largest medical system in the world after Western Medicine, and it is growing fast.  The founder of homeopathy, Hahnemann published his ground-breaking book about his discoveries in 1810.  Still today it is the foundation of what homeopaths know to be true.  Still today students of homeopathy start out learning about this healing art with reading this old book.  Some theories, some explanations are not accepted today anymore.  But the basics are the very same as back then.  Homeopathy expanded, it grew.  Much was added.  Yet what was true 200 years ago still is true today.  It has been proven time and time again.  Homeopathy changed the life of millions of people and helped them to regain their health.


The Times They are Changing

I do not want to judge here.  We are living in times of great changes.  So we also have to be able to change what we believe in.  At the same time, there have to be things that are solid, things that we can rely on simply because they are true.  Homeopathy is one of those things we can trust.

If you have friends or family members suffering from some disease, tell them about homeopathy.

Roland-Guenther-PhotoRoland H. Guenther is a German MD who immigrated to Canada 11 years ago. For more than thirty years he has been practicing homeopathy. He is living and practicing in Courtenay on Vancouver Island, BC. In his treatments he focuses on severe chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. Check out his website .

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