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Here Comes the Sun, and I Say “It’s Not All Right” (for Some of Us)

“A vacation is a sunburn at premium prices.” ~Hal Chadwicke

Now that you have your motion/car sickness remedies lined up for the annual summer vacation, (what? You don’t? Check out this post) you can turn your thoughts to the possibility of sunstroke and sunburn. Are we having fun yet?

sunburn-childAs a child, sunscreen was unheard of (I am dating myself now) and the annual summer vacation to the lake was a guaranteed blistering sunburn along with lots of mosquito bites while picking wild blueberries in the bog. Sure you were a little uncomfortable at the end of the day inside a hot trailer and sleeping on scratchy bed sheets, but the fresh blueberry pie you had for dinner was SO good! You could ‘almost’ forget that your skin hurt and itched everywhere!

Being quite fair of skin and light of hair, there were many years post ‘day in the sun’ when we, as young kids, slept in the basement rumpus room (now there’s a word from the past – right up there with rec room. I think someone was thinking about what kids did in that basement room of the house…make a rumpus and wreck things!) on the linoleum floor just to relieve the heat! Follow that up with the teen years where it was very popular to put iodine in baby oil and bake for hours in the sand. Yep… Then you slathered on Noxzema skin cream at the end of the day. Funny how those smells stay with you for years and years!

Times change and when my children were small in the 1980’s, parents were encouraged to slather on the sunscreen. Update to today and as parents, life and choices are a little different and more difficult it seems. Sunscreen is now supposed to be full of hazards! You can check out Dr. Mercola’s research done in 2011.

Of course, a sunburn is the last thing you would want for your child so you do the sensible things like using a ‘healthy’ sunscreen product, plopping on the hats (if your child will wear one), and avoiding the 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. hours of the strongest rays.

Q: But what happens if, despite using the very best prevention tips, you or your child ends up with sunburn or even suffers with sunstroke?

A: You dig into your ‘in case of’ homeopathic remedies! (Because I have heard from so many of you that you appreciate getting the list of remedies for acute situations and you eagerly print and file them away in your ‘in case of’ binders, from now on you will find the remedy handouts in a separate link to download into your virtual binder on your computer/laptop or your on-the-kitchen-counter binder.)

So…here’s this week’s handout with more information on remedies for sunburn and sunstroke.

Have a terrific summer and remember…

“Even if you’ve been fishing for three hours and haven’t gotten anything except poison ivy and sunburn, you’re still better off than the worm.”

Yours in health and healing,

P.S. You can buy your remedies for your kit at Renewal Homeopathy and Wellness

homeopathy-casesAnd if you have been looking for the ‘perfect’ case for your homeopathic remedies for travel, backpack, picnic basket, car, or at home, contact me! These cases for five remedies or 10 remedies are perfect and have room to add at least a couple more in each case, if needed.

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