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Arhive Title: Aconite

A Prescription for Fear and a Handout for Croup

As a young family, making choices that are very different from those of our parents can be unsettling…for everyone. Grandparents and extended family think they know better and often, they do have hard earned wisdom that when graciously offered, can be received with an open heart. But sometimes, when the discussion about vaccines comes up, … Read more

The Winter Vomiting Bug: AKA Norovirus or Norwalk

POOP and MORE POOP The plea came from one of the parenting FB groups…please please tell parents that homeopathy can help with Norwalk virus! So here you go…a newsletter about poop…again. I seem to have a few of poop-related posts on the website. You will find the post on traveller’s diarrhea will have similar information … Read more

Travelling? Time for the ‘TD’ Talk (Travellers’ Diarrhea)

  The snow has yet to fly here in Calgary…well…except for the mini blizzard we had in October! Being of sturdy stock though, that snow doesn’t count. Only the white stuff that falls in November and December means winter. And winter means thoughts turn to sandy beaches, pounding surf, sunny days, poolside lounging and a … Read more

Guess the Remedy – Putting Myself Back Together Again

Thanks to everyone who sent in remedy suggestions to help support healing from the rear end collision. My ‘rear end’ is still stiff and sore but I have an appointment with an osteopath coming up, some massage appointments and time with my chiropractor. I will heal in no time! I loved being able to read … Read more

Quick Remedy Kits for the Cottage

Imagine this…you are on an island enjoying the first summer of your new-to-you cottage. Only the quiet lap of the lake, the whisper of the pines, unplugged from technology, away from the hectic hustle and bustle of traffic and neighborly neighbors mowing lawns and having summer BBQ’s. Ahhh…the perfect summer adventure get away. Then the … Read more

Heart of the Matter

“Take care of yourself — you never know when the world will need you.”  – Rabbi Hillel   Today’s blog is short and sweet. February is designated as heart month in Canada. I guess because Valentine’s Day is the big celebration. Last weekend my husband had a heart attack while I was away in California. Hardly the … Read more

Open Wide! Back to School Dental Check Up

Back to school usually means getting the kids to the dentist for a check up. Always a good day when you hear, “no cavities!” Whew! Happy kids, happy checkbook. Hip-hippo-ray! But every once in a while, the news is a little harsher. Maybe a filling is needed or a tooth has to be pulled. Whether … Read more