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The Winter Vomiting Bug: AKA Norovirus or Norwalk


The plea came from one of the parenting FB groups…please please tell parents that homeopathy can help with Norwalk virus! So here you go…a newsletter about poop…again. I seem to have a few of poop-related posts on the website. You will find the post on traveller’s diarrhea will have similar information because that is how homeopathy works…no matter the ‘diagnosis’ or situation, if the symptoms match in traveller’s diarrhea or Norwalk virus to the homeopathic remedy, your body will be supported to self-heal.

Calgary has just had a deep deep freeze which means indoor recess at school, housebound parents and babies and a reluctance to go outside for any reason. With so many bodies sharing the same space with less fresh outdoor air, the sharing of germs happens. When those germs happen to affect the gastrointestinal system (think from mouth to stomach to rectum) you have one challenging illness to cope with! Vomiting, watery diarrhea, nausea, weakness, muscle aches, headaches and low grade fevers are characteristic of a Norovirus infection.

Symptoms of Norovirus

A person usually develops symptoms 12-48 hours after exposure to the virus. Moms/dads/caregivers can pick up the virus when cleaning up after sick kids or the virus can be spread person-to-person, from contaminated surfaces, water/food or through the air…very easy to catch.

This is the illness that you hear of in nursing homes, schools, day cares, hospitals…anywhere that there are large groups of people sharing the same space. Once started it is hard to contain.

Recovery and Does This Mean I Have Immunity?

Usually folks recover within 2-3 days without complications but if you have more than one child in your household, everyone will likely be sick one after the other.

This is also one of those illnesses that you can get more than once. No immunity or if there is some immunity it is short-lived.

Speedy Healing Support with Homeopathy

Rather than using over the counter medications to suppress the symptoms, homeopathy can provide great relief and speedy healing. Also, if you can get the appropriate homeopathic remedy right away, you will likely be able to prevent dehydration which is the biggest concern, especially for little ones who cannot keep any liquids down.

Here are some remedy suggestions:

The Aconite picture (Aconitum napellus)

Sudden onset with fear, especially around midnight. Green chopped spinach stools. (Yep…you will have to check the stool!)

The other recommended remedies (read up on them in the diarrhea handout):

 The Arsenicum picture (Arsenicum album)

This is likely most home prescribers first choice so make sure you have this remedy in your kit. Arsenicum album matches a host of acute illnesses and norovirus (Norwalk) is just one.

Chilly, weak, burning pains, vomiting/diarrhea, prefer warm/hot drinks if any thirst and a great need to be warm. There might be a craving for ice cold water too but little sips will be taken rather than any gulping or drinking all at one time. Similar to the homeopathic remedy Phosphorous, if ice cold water is drunk too fast or too much at a time, there is a good chance that it will come right back up and out. Sucking on ice cubes might be a better option.

The stool is described as being like rice water and can leave the rectum burning and sore.

This is the go-to remedy if your little one or grown up with Norovirus (or food poisoning for that matter) is anxious, thinks they are going to die, restless and even when deathly sick thinks they need to be tidying or fussing. If the symptoms come on suddenly and especially at night, you can think of Arsenicum.

The Nux vomica picture (Nux vomica)

Arsenicum and Nux vomica can look quite similar in many ways. But the good news is that if you give one and it does not help, then give the other. (There is a course I have put together called How Much, How Strong, How Often and these kinds of questions like”how do I know if I have given the right remedy?”, are answered.

Nux vomica is extremely irritable where Arsenicum is likely going to be more anxious. The books describe the Nux vomica state as being angry and impatient. Can be very nauseous and will feel better for vomiting. The stomach symptoms could present more like indigestion with burping and a sense of heaviness in the stomach. Hungry but an aversion to eating. Normally the picture of Nux vomica is one of constipation but in the event of a virus like Norwalk, there can be diarrhea that is more ‘liverish’…in fact, there could be a yellow tinge to the complexion or in the whites of the eyes.

Nux vomica is very chilly, much like Arsenicum and wants warm covers.

The Podophyllum picture (Podophyllum peltatum)

Every parent will need this remedy at some point with sick kids. This is the remedy for that gurgling, rumbling in the belly, and you just know what’s coming next…the diarrhea explosion! Painless but explosive.

The Aloe socotrina picture (Aloe socotrina)

Aloe in an herbal or material dose is sometimes used to help with constipation. Homeopathically, it is very useful in diarrhea situations where there is ‘no holding back.’ (Involuntary stool is the official term.) Aloe also has an interesting symptom of involuntary stool that passes unnoticed.

The Veratrum album picture

This will be a situation where there is tremendous weakness after the diarrhea. Will have the chills while also sweating profusely. Unlike Arsenicum where there’s a desire for warm/hot drinks, the Veratrum person will crave ice-cold drinks.

Check out the Homeopathy and Diarrhea Handout for more information on remedies. You can use homeopathy for Norwalk virus, food poisoning and also for traveller’s diarrhea.

Yours in health and healing,


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