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Quick Remedy Kits for the Cottage

Kicked upImagine this…you are on an island enjoying the first summer of your new-to-you cottage. Only the quiet lap of the lake, the whisper of the pines, unplugged from technology, away from the hectic hustle and bustle of traffic and neighborly neighbors mowing lawns and having summer BBQ’s. Ahhh…the perfect summer adventure get away.

Then the unthinkable happens. Fire! Decisions are immediate. Stay and bucket lake water from dock to burning building? Or jump in the boat and have your island paradise go up in smoke?

Can this really happen? You bet. Fire can happen in isolated areas and this situation did happen to my sister and her family. They stayed and they were able to put the fire out before emergency help arrived but what happens in the aftermath of an event like fire? What about burns? What about heat exhaustion? What about shock? What if there had been any other injuries?

What would you do if you were on an island in the middle of lake country and you had an emergency situation? Can homeopathy be of help? Well…homeopathic remedies can’t put out a fire but they can help while you are waiting for first responders (and that can take awhile when you are in a remote area).

Emergency Situations

Here are some scenarios where you can give homeopathic remedies while waiting for emergency workers or while on your way to medical emergency departments.

These are must-haves to keep in your homeopathic remedy kit:


The fire is out. You are looking at each other in disbelief and feeling a bit numb emotionally. This is the time to hand out Aconite to everyone. A 200CH is a good potency simply because this is an intense situation with everyone setting aside their fear at least temporarily.

Shock will get you through an emergency situation but once shock wears off, you can be left with emotional aftermath and Aconite will help most people work through the trauma of an emergency event.


Then time to check for burns. If anyone has burns on their skin, use Cantharis granules orally immediately. Here is a link to the St. John’s Ambulance First Aid website with suggestions on what to do in the event of a burn.  (Do take their course if your travel adventures take you to isolated areas.)

Again, use a 200CH potency of Cantharis and it will help with the pain as well. You can repeat remedies more frequently in situations this intense. Try 2 granules every 15 minutes for at least 4-5 times or until first responders arrive or until you get to the hospital emergency department.


Chopping wood, felling trees, building add-on structures, knives for whittling or making hot dog sticks for the campfire or simply in the cottage kitchen prepping meals can be a situation where cuts and bleeding are a concern.

**Bleeding (excessive), breathing (including smoke inhalation), brain (head injury) and broken bones…these are all situations where you are giving homeopathic remedies and you are on your way to emergency or waiting for first responders to arrive. You need the experience and expertise of those trained in emergency situations. If you are unsure about the seriousness of an injury, better to err on the side of a hospital visit than to have complications.**

With a puncture wound that is bleeding (think sharp object like knife, nail, shells or rocks) and if there is any concern about the possibility of tetanus, then let the wound bleed. Keep the puncture wound clean and allow the bleeding to clean the area as well. Tetanus bacteria grow in an anaerobic environment (without oxygen) so if you keep the puncture wound open to the air (aerobic environment), there will be less chance of tetanus taking hold.

Until emergency help is available, give homeopathic Ledum and Hypericum. When you get to the emergency department you will likely be asked if the Tetanus vaccine is up to date. If you want to be well prepared, you can read a newsletter post I wrote some time ago about tetanus vaccines and tetanus immunoglobulin shots. If you are a vaccine free family by choice, this is information you will want to have before an emergency.

Even if the emergency isn’t life threatening, there are many situations where homeopathy can help until you get to medical support.

Want more summer remedy kit tips? Whether you are camping, hiking, mountain biking or relaxing at the lake, there will be plenty more scenarios where homeopathic remedies will help support healing while on your way for medical help.

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I enjoy hearing from all of you. So if you enjoyed this article, please take a moment to comment below. I love replying!

Yours in health and healing,

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