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by Donna Powers

For the Men in Your Life

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer years ago…about 20 years ago or so. Rather than invasive surgery, chemo or radiation he chose to use homeopathy and diet/nutrition to see what would happen. Turns out, he was diagnosed clear at a follow up appointment. When he said to his doctor, ‘So I’ve been cured.’ the … Read more

Sitting, Slow Medicine, Sick Kids and Our Spiritual Journey

Happy Valentine’s Day! Wishing you a love-filled day today and every day. Today’s message is just for you…when you give all you have to help your loved ones feel better. As mothers and women (and yes…some pretty terrific dads too…and nannies) we have been caring for sick ones from generation to generation. From hot steam … Read more

Remember Small in the Midst of Today’s Fear and Violence

Make me sweet again, fragrant and fresh and wild, thankful for any small event. – Rumi Small for me is our tiny grandson Odin. His needs are simple…warm milk, dry diapers, sleep, being held, learning how to smile, learning how to reach, playing in the bath water, watching the snow fall and the wood stove … Read more

Cosmic tree

What Would Hildegard Do?

Heads up! Today’s newsletter is a little longer than usual, so grab a cup of whatever gives you comfort and give yourself the gift of time to curl up and read about healing a la Hildegard of Bingen via author Victoria Sweet. Please feel free to write to me and let me know what you … Read more

Sick Person

The Winter Vomiting Bug: AKA Norovirus or Norwalk

POOP and MORE POOP The plea came from one of the parenting FB groups…please please tell parents that homeopathy can help with Norwalk virus! So here you go…a newsletter about poop…again. I seem to have a few of poop-related posts on the website. You will find the post on traveller’s diarrhea will have similar information … Read more

Coughing Girl

Coughs: Not All Are Created Equal

“My dear doctor, I am surprised to hear you say that I am coughing very badly, as I have been practicing all night.” John Philpot Curran You call your homeopath saying, “Our child has a cough and the constant hacking is driving us all crazy. She is coughing all the time. I have tried (insert … Read more

Forget Resolutions: Cultivate Sacred Space, Dance, Sing, Tell Stories and Rediscover Quiet

  Synchronicity. Wow!  Today January 5th, 2017 on my FB feed was this newsletter that showed up as a Memory shared on January 5th, 2016 with this quote as the inspiration. “Where we have stopped dancing, singing, being enchanted by stories, or finding comfort in silence is where we have experienced the loss of soul. … Read more

Season’s Greetings and a Blessed Holiday Break

This week’s blog is simply a wish that you find peace, rest, good health and healing even if sickness has visited your home. We have had a chronic disease diagnosis and sickness these past three weeks – in our extended family and with those closest to us. For me, these are times when family rallies … Read more

When Loving and Caring Becomes Exhaustion in the Season of ‘Joy’

  Have you heard of the expression ‘The Sandwich Generation’? Loving is one slab of the bread, caring the other slab, and in between, the filling can all too often be the bitterness or blandness of exhaustion. Exhaustion can quickly become indifference for some and illness for others. Maybe even anger for someone else in … Read more