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For the Men in Your Life

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer years ago…about 20 years ago or so. Rather than invasive surgery, chemo or radiation he chose to use homeopathy and diet/nutrition to see what would happen. Turns out, he was diagnosed clear at a follow up appointment. When he said to his doctor, ‘So I’ve been cured.’ the doctor looked back in the chart to see that in fact, at one time, my dad had received a diagnosis of prostate cancer. ‘Must have been misdiagnosed.’ was the reply. How else to explain a clean bill of health?

Fast forward to last year, 2016 and my dad was having some urinary problems…an enlarged prostate gland that was affecting his ability to urinate. My dad is now in his mid-late 80’s, very active physically (badminton and curling) and involved with bridge, church and volunteering so this recent problem was affecting lifestyle. A bone scan that revealed shadows with a hip pain that would not go away and a very high PSA score last fall meant that he was facing a metastasized cancer diagnosis. After much reading, he decided to go with the hormone treatment only. No radiation, no surgery. Homeopathy, nutrition, hormone injection and a positive outlook.

He has had 3 hormone treatments now and with homeopathy has been able to go off a prescription of Flomax for urinary problems. He has had little or no side effects from the hormone treatment…and no hip/bone pain. It is possible to use homeopathy even when the diagnosis is cancer. And it is possible to work with conventional treatments and homeopathy, both at the same time.

Help for Men in the Early Stages of Hormone Changes

Colleague, medical doctor and friend, Roland Guenther is reaching out to all the men in today’s post about Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (enlargement of the prostate gland). Have a read through his post here and check out his offer at the end.

Yours in health and healing,


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