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by Donna Powers

Easter Bunny Bellyache Blues

Spring is here! And with it comes new life, everything waking up after a long winter, and everyone happy, happy, happy to feel sun on the face, warmer days, and cool nights. And how many of you have children who had a visit from the Easter Bunny? Just when you thought a sleepless night was … Read more

When Loving and Caring Becomes Exhaustion

Have you heard of the expression ‘The Sandwich Generation’? Loving is one slab of the bread, caring the other slab, and in between, the filling can all too often be the bitterness or blandness of exhaustion. Exhaustion can quickly become indifference for some and illness for others. Maybe even anger for someone else in situations … Read more

A Non-Toxic Granule of Protection: An Alternative to Vaccination

DOING THE RIGHT THING As a parent, you always want to do the ‘right thing’ for your child, and if there is something that can help prevent illness, you’re willing to do whatever it takes. You make sure that your babies and young children eat well, get plenty of sleep (some nights!), enjoy lots of … Read more

Spotty Fevers: Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

FEVER 101: MASTERED, BUT WHAT’S WITH THE SPOTS? You’ve read the fever handout and are now feeling pretty confident about using homeopathy for fever: you get through the sleepless nights and midnight temperature spike without having to resort to pain medication. Whew! Tired from being up in the night with your feverish child, you waken … Read more

Children, Parents, and Teething Babies: Lend Me Your Ears!

PULLING EARS – NOT TEETH OR LEGS Your first sound sleep in days when all of a sudden, in the middle of the night, you are wakened by your baby or toddler’s shrieks. You pick her up and she starts to pull on one or both ears; you notice that one or both cheeks are … Read more

The Seminar ‘Birth’ is Imminent!

To all of you who have shared your time reading extra posts announcing the ‘due date’ of the 12-week teleseminar, thank you! It’s kind of been like getting birth announcement cards several times before the actual due date, isn’t it? (It’s almost like the reverse of being asked…when is the baby due? I just keep … Read more

Vaccine Information Overload!

Too overwhelmed with all the information out there to know where to begin researching to make an informed decision? Over the last 15 years, information about vaccines has gone from ‘where to begin, there’s so little information’ to ‘where to begin, there’s so much information’! Hopefully this newsletter will help take some of the AAGHH … Read more

Polio: Past and Present

If this information on Polio is helpful to you, consider registering for the 12-week Vaccine Free: Now What? teleseminar course. If you are vaccine free or almost vaccine free, knowing how use homeopathy to prevent and help heal from infectious illness can give you peace of mind. There are alternatives and homeopathy has so much … Read more

Early Bird? Already?

Have you found that this month has flown by? I look at the calendar and it’s February 21st…almost the end of the second month of 2013! Eek! And today is the last day to register for the Vaccine Free: Now What? 12-week teleseminar course at the Early Bird discount price. If you have been considering … Read more