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Easter Bunny Bellyache Blues

Spring is here!

And with it comes new life, everything waking up after a long winter, and everyone happy, happy, happy to feel sun on the face, warmer days, and cool nights.

And how many of you have children who had a visit from the Easter Bunny? Just when you thought a sleepless night was because of sickness, you quickly learn that—when you have kids—sleeplessness can happen because of excitement, too. Visions of chocolate bunnies and eggs, family dinners of ham or turkey, pies with ice cream…feasting and celebrating until our bellies are groaning in discomfort. Anticipating the excitement is fun; living with the bellyaches after…not so much!

Emotions like excitement can affect the body—especially the stomach and intestines. Alternatively, one can also understand how gastro-intestinal upsets from external causes can affect a person’s emotions…too much fun, too much chocolate, too much rich food, too little sleep, and for the parents, too much to do before a big celebration!

Q. What do Easter Bunny helpers get for making a basket?
A. Two points, just like anyone else on the team.

Actually, today you get two post-Easter/spring celebration remedies that might just come in handy this season, not two points. The first remedy is for the ‘event organizer’ Bunny Helper who might end up with heartburn once the celebrating is done. The second remedy is for the kids (well…adults too), the Bunny Basket Finders, who have had their share of ‘too much.’ Two different remedies for two different ‘too much’ scenarios. Throw out the over-the-counter antacids! Homeopathy can be great for ‘acid indigestion’!

Both of these remedies have the symptoms of chocolate aggravates (or makes the person feel worse…really, chocolate does bother some people!), fat and rich food aggravates, sweets aggravate, anticipation aggravates, and sleeplessness from excitement. But they are very different remedies as far as mood goes. Read on!


Nux vomica (Colubrina in Canada)
Well over 100 years ago, Dr. James Tyler Kent wrote a description of a person who might need Nux vomica as a remedy:

“…a businessman has been at his desk until he is tired out; he receives many letters (our equivalent today would be many emails!); he has a great many irons in the fire; he is troubled with a thousand little things; his mind is constantly hurried from one thing to another until he is tortured…lies awake at night; his mind is confused with the whirl of business and the affairs of the day crowd upon him…”

It would seem we haven’t learned much from the past! How many people do you know who live lives like this…a glass of wine or two at night to help relax from a busy day, takeout dinner, headache in the morning from dreaming about work, a couple of Tylenol in the morning, a latte to get going, and no time to eat breakfast because of sleeping late, two more coffees at work, liquid lunch or fast food, and pretty soon, it’s time to break out the antacids to deal with the reflux! This is the state and situation of someone needing Nux vomica.

We’ve all been there at some time or another. And it’s not just businessmen and women these days who find themselves in this kind of situation. Busy moms, caregivers…anytime we are in a situation where the many small details of life are creating irritability, touchiness, and exhaustion and the digestive symptoms fit, Nux vomica may provide relief.

  • Digestive problems brought on by excessive worry about work, small details, and overindulgence in alcohol, coffee, stimulants, and over-the-counter medications and too much fast food.
  • Nausea from overeating, heartburn, empty retching, sour burps.
  • Headache with irritability, dullness, and drowsiness; the kind of headache that comes with a disordered stomach. (This is considered a great hangover remedy…gives you an idea of the kind of headache!)
  • Constipation with an urge to go but very little happens, or there may be a feeling of incompleteness, of not quite being finished. Feels worse mentally and physically in the morning. (Think the day after a big party…too much food, too much drink, too much coffee, way too much fun!)

You can think of this remedy as the birthday party/special events stomach upset. Your child is excited before the party and at the party, playing and getting heated from running around. The spring menu is ham, maybe French fries on the kids’ menu or mashed potatoes and gravy or butter, pie with ice cream, or whipped cream on ice cream sundaes, and lots and lots of chocolate!

After the party comes the tummy ache, the clinging to mom, the weeping. On the way home, your child asks for the car window to be rolled down or they insist on opening the window or door at home. And you do notice that they actually do seem better in the fresh air. The vomiting may come toward bedtime—much later after eating and the food is only partly digested. Are we having fun yet? This is the scenario for a child or adult needing Pulsatilla for their digestive upset.

  • Digestive problems brought on by eating rich, fatty foods, especially ice cream and heavy cream.
  • Tongue may be coated white or yellow.
  • Cool air makes the person feel better in general.
  • Becoming heated or warm/hot rooms make the person feel worse.
  • Not thirsty at all. May have diarrhea or constipation, but the stool may change in character and color.
  • Bad taste in the mouth.

Enjoy the spring weather and the celebrations!

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