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Children, Parents, and Teething Babies: Lend Me Your Ears!

Your first sound sleep in days when all of a sudden, in the middle of the night, you are wakened by your baby or toddler’s shrieks. You pick her up and she starts to pull on one or both ears; you notice that one or both cheeks are red. Oh no! Ear infection!

Or…the ear pulling starts during the day and you have to decide whether to take him in today and wait forever in the doctor’s office or wait until the evening when the pain gets worse and the only option is a long wait in the emergency room?

Or…according to last week’s morning news show, you take your child to the doctor right away, only to be told that most ear infections will clear on their own and that the most recent medical research recommends waiting before prescribing antibiotics. The over-prescribing of antibiotics is creating superbugs, and doctors are more cautious about giving them for ear infections that are likely viral rather than bacterial or related to teething pain.

Statistics show that 3 out of 4 children before the age of three get an ear infection – so your child will likely have at least one experience of ear pain before they reach preschool.

And medical research is clear about the limitations of antibiotics (see the research resources at the end of the newsletter).


  • won’t help an infection caused by a virus
  • won’t eliminate middle ear fluid
  • may cause side effects
  • typically do not relieve pain in the first 24 hours and have only a minimal effect after that

Homeopathy is brilliant in ear infections, whether the cause is viral, bacterial, or from teething. When the symptoms of your child agree with the symptoms of a homeopathic remedy, you will be able to manage the pain and the crying – and help promote healing. Preventing a complication of an ear infection is possible with homeopathy.

Here are the top three remedies I would recommend you have in your home kit (in addition to Belladonna and Aconite for sudden onset with an accompanying fever).

If you have babies or little ones who can’t tell you where or how it hurts, you will have to be a bit of a detective and observe their behavior very closely. I will give you some clues in each remedy’s description that might help you figure out which remedy your child might need.

So whether your child has an ear infection from a virus, bacteria, or teething, homeopathy will help your child heal when the remedy picture fits your child’s symptom picture. Good news if your doctor has checked your baby or child’s ears and has said, ‘Let’s wait and see.’

Antibiotic free, side effect free, and pain free, homeopathy offers safe, gentle, non-toxic, and healing support.

There’s good news for those who were unable to attend the first Vaccine Free: Now What? teleseminar! The 12-week course will be running again late in the summer/early fall. If you have a time preference, please let me know. If there is enough interest for an evening course, I could make that happen as well. Spread the word! I will make this course available twice a year during the daytime and at least once a year in the evening. Let your friends and family know!

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