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by Donna Powers

Potty Talk

You might be starting to think this particular homeopath has got a ‘thing’ for poop given the “TD” (Traveller’s Diarrhea) newsletter a short time back. You might be right! But I figure if Dr. Oz can do a national TV show on the topic and Dr. Joe Mercola can write his newsletter (complete with a … Read more

Forever Flu – Phooey!

Maybe you’re as sick of all the flu hoopla as I am. But flu is here to stay, whether it actually arrives in our winter season or any other season. Phooey! VACCINE FREE: NOW WHAT? INFLUENZA CLASS (class eight of the 12-class series) Because a new vaccine is offered yearly, Influenza will be one of … Read more

‘Just’ Teething

CONGRATULATIONS! BABY’S FIRST TOOTH! You know it’s coming because you’ve heard all the horror stories from well-meaning parents, siblings, extended family, and friends whose children are all just that much older than your up-to-this-point healthy and well baby. Teething. You hear mothers state simply as their child screeches miserably and cries inconsolably, ‘Oh…she’s just teething.’ … Read more

Cuts, Scrapes, and Stitches and the Risk of Tetanus

From 25 to 30-foot falls to concussions, broken bones and stitches, this week’s newsletter is about another emergency situation that most parents face at one time or another. The short falls from bicycles, swings, playing hard and running into walls, slides, skating rinks, swimming pool edges, and stumbles on sidewalks can be just as hard … Read more

The Boy Who Fell 25 Feet

As parents, you continually work at finding the balance between keeping your kids safe and letting them go. You put every precaution in place to allow for freedom from mishaps, accidents, and injuries. You find the right out-of-school activities, check to make sure that the instructors are good and the programs are reputable, buy the … Read more

Saturday Night Fever: NOT the Dance!

Up in the middle of the night, I was pacing the floor, exhausted and nervous – my youngest had a very high fever. I got through that night, and many others like it, but I wish I had known then what I know now! Helping our kids when they are really sick can be overwhelming…and … Read more

Announcing the Vaccine Free: Now What? Course!

Vaccine Free: Now What?

I’m thrilled to announce that registration is now open for my upcoming online course, Vaccine Free: Now What? The 12-week course starts March 6, 2013, and will transform your fear of fever and infectious illnesses into confidence in using homeopathic remedies to help your child heal. If you have children, care for children, or grandparent … Read more

A Toothsome Issue

“Some tortures are physical And some are mental, But the one that is both Is dental.” 
~ Ogden Nash ~ The Pearly Whites Teeth…you are born without them and suffer through babyhood cutting them only to start losing them in childhood. Then you get a second set that gets brushed, flossed, rinsed, braced, pulled, straightened, … Read more