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by Donna Powers

Travelling? Time for the ‘TD’ Talk (Traveler’s Diarrhea)

Funny what kind of thoughts you have when preparing for travel. Here are some of mine as I prepare for a Mexican holiday! Oh horrors! Are you familiar with this TV ad? The scenario: the new bride being carried by the groom to the sand and surf to ‘trash the dress.’ Then close-up to the … Read more

Flu Panic in Calgary

You most likely have noticed…the flu season seems to go year-round now. Fall used to be the seasonal onset here in Canada and the northern part of the hemisphere, but that’s changed. Flu is no longer just seasonal. The news in Calgary has been broadcasting the urgency for people to get the flu vaccine as … Read more

Starting Out and Just Learning about Homeopathy? Top Six Books!

During the first year or two of using homeopathic remedies for common ailments, you will quickly be on the hunt for the best homeopathic book to take some of the mystery out of what remedy to give. Go stress free and consider buying one or two books ahead of time for those “JIC” (just in … Read more

JIC (Just In Case) 2013: Homeopathic Remedies to Have on Hand

Short and sweet for this newsletter, but I hope this finds everyone healthy and well as we move into 2013. I truly wish health for you because we’ve sure had our share of sickness this holiday! Judging from the emails and phone calls I have received, ‘it’s’ going around and hitting folks fairly hard. The … Read more

I Got the Chicken Pox for Christmas

How many of you remember the song “I Got the Chicken Pox for Christmas”? I am wishing all of you the healthiest of Christmas seasons this year but, being a JIC (just in case) type of person, this is my ‘present’ to you… Homeopathy for chicken pox! THE OLDEN DAYS (My Life as a Parent) … Read more

Kids Sick? Make it a Jammie Day!

As a young family, making choices that are very different from those of our parents can be unsettling…for everyone. Grandparents and extended family think they know better and often their hard-earned wisdom, when graciously offered, can be received with an open heart. But sometimes, when the discussion about vaccines comes up, emotions run high. Fear. … Read more

Supporting your child through illness

I have been searching a lifetime and the world, looking for purpose and a teaching that might become my own to carry. Like a crow on a journey, I have collected shiny bits of information, glittering baubles of this and that on the internet and in looking through my “cache”, I have discovered that I … Read more

A little bit about Grace Notes…

“In ordinary life we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.” ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer~ As a young girl, I was given a little lock and key diary. Every day lined up one on top of the other. It had gold … Read more

Remedies for croup

Perhaps it is the blustery cold dry winds we had yesterday in Calgary or it’s simply that in writing blogs about homeopathy and childhood illnesses, I am reminded of my oldest son’s croup. It was in the fall of 1982 and Mark was just a year old. Thankfully, we were visiting my parents at the … Read more