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Books, Conversations and Flu

As with many books, they often fall into my hands. I had thought I was getting a book explaining quantum physics to the lay person (Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World) but what I got instead was an inspiring perspective on how great change happens in the world through the simplest and smallest events such as conversation…maybe that is how quantum physics works!? Small particles affecting great and unexpected change? The immune system certainly works this way! Rather than an attack/defend system, the immune system is an exquisite example of communication, collaboration, community and co-operation. Lots of conversations going on continually within our living bodies! (Check out the Spring Vaccine Free: Now What? course to find out more)

“    * Relationships are what matters–even at the subatomic level

* Life is a vast web of interconnections where cooperation and participation are     required

* Chaos and change are the only route to transformation” Meg Wheatley


The Conversation: Quotes by Meg Wheatley to Inspire

“When a community of people discovers that they share a concern, change begins. There is no power equal to a community discovering what it cares about.”

“Scientists are taught to seek the simpler solution. If there’s choice between two possibilities, they choose a simpler one. Simple solutions are called “elegant” in science. The beauty of the universe expresses itself in simplicity.”

“Real change begins with the simple act of people talking about what they care about.”

“Large and successful change efforts start with conversations among friends, not with those in power.

“Some friends and I started talking…” Change doesn’t happen from a leader announcing the plan. Change begins from deep inside a system, when a few people notice something they will no longer tolerate, or respond to a dream of what’s possible. Together we will figure out what our first step is, then the next, then the next. Gradually, we become large and powerful. We don’t have to start with power, only with passion….Conversation is the way we discover how to transform our world, together.”

These newsletters are all about having a passionate conversation about homeopathy and how it can help…and with this issue, how it can help with the flu. (This is the year of ‘the flu vaccine that missed.’) Homeopathy is about an “elegant” scientific system of treating illness, a simple solution in some ways for those willing to look at illness from a different perspective.

For homeopathy to become mainstream in North America as it is in India, we will need many “conversations”…with each other, with the medical system, with our family physicians, perhaps with governments but it can begin with something as simple as reading these newsletters, following some of the links, reading some of the suggested books, booking some time with your local homeopath or perhaps trying a few remedies for yourself and your family. And if a conversation about homeopathy is too challenging right now, you are welcome to forward the newsletter, with my thanks! Perhaps the conversation can start there.

I would like to introduce you to Meg Wheatley’s principles to guide us in our “conversations” about homeopathy with others. You can use these guidelines when sharing with a loved one, family member, physician or co-worker about how you use homeopathy instead of a vaccine for flu season. Or maybe, how you might get the flu but how you have homeopathic remedies to help support heal the symptoms of flu.


The Guidelines

“we acknowledge one another as equals

we try to stay curious about each other

we recognize that we need each other’s help to become better listeners

we slow down so we have time to think and reflect

we remember that conversation is the natural way humans think together

we expect it to be messy at times”


From Turning to one another: simple conversations to restore hope to the future by

Margaret J. Wheatley author of Leadership and the New Science.


I have written about flu many times so today is all about encouraging conversation and creating change in the world. Yes, it will be messy. Symptoms of the flu are messy but we recover.

For those of you how have just signed up for the weekly newsletter, here is a link to two flu handouts:
  1. Flu symptoms
  2. Bryonia as a flu remedy
For those of you who are long-timers, the handout…again! You can never read about remedies often enough. After 14 years of practice, I still read my remedies!

Enjoy this issue! May you find plenty that is helpful and much that stimulates “conversation”! Feel free to share your thoughts here.

Yours in health and healing,

P.S. Want to gain more confidence so that you CAN have those conversations about homeopathy and infectious illnesses? Watch your inbox on Thursday for a link to the Spring Course Vaccine Free: Now What? We’d love to see you there!


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