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Gettin’ all Nit Picky: Head Lice and Homeopathy

Hello! These newsletters often reflect a current health situation in the news or in the lives of people I know. Today’s topic was a toss up between shingles and head lice. Head lice won out by a hair. My apologies. Very bad pun/joke considering the ick factor of nits. What to do when you find … Read more

Mother Goose on the Loose: Rhymes for Remedies

Today’s charming guest video blog is brought to you by Jackie Griffin Synott, student of homeopathy in Cork, Ireland, and mom to daughter Casey. Her very recent book, Rhymes for Remedies, is a must-have in your growing library of homeopathic materia medica (book of remedies), especially if you have young children or grandchildren who love to … Read more