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Gettin’ all Nit Picky: Head Lice and Homeopathy


monkey imageThese newsletters often reflect a current health situation in the news or in the lives of people I know. Today’s topic was a toss up between shingles and head lice. Head lice won out by a hair. My apologies. Very bad pun/joke considering the ick factor of nits.

What to do when you find nits in your child’s hair? Well…we could learn a thing or two from baboons. Watch this little video “House calls – monkey picks nits from kids’ heads!” here

Conventional Treatment
Conventional treatment for head lice is an over-the-counter or prescription shampoo containing the toxic chemical permethrin.

“In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Eric Ayers, MD of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan noted that lice that are not killed by the chemical treatment not only survive, but become stronger. “The more a product is used within a community, the more lice in that community become resistant,” said Shirley Gordon, PhD, director of the Head Lice Treatment and Prevention Project at Florida Atlantic University. “We don’t like to use the term super lice, because it’s sensational and frightening. It’s not a superbug, but a louse that has become resistant.” According to the latest study, 99.6% of lice tested between 2007-2009 would be considered “super.”

Here is the article with scientific research references on the use of permethrin and links to cancer.

Pick, pick and more picking of nits…

Back to a lighter note with nit picking, check out the nice Lice Lady at

Lots of terrific information on this site plus an opportunity to own your own Lice Squad franchise!

Homeopathy Helps
There are a number of remedies that homeopaths can use to treat head lice in adults or children, whether a one time situation or chronic infestations. Rather than a one remedy fits all, homeopaths can individualize, which means that homeopathy can offer a safe, non-toxic alternative to the poisonous over the counter treatments by taking into account the person with head lice and how they are experiencing the infestation.

One person might be full of despair with the itching, very chilly (Psorinum) and yet another person might be fearful that they have a terrible disease and feel better in the open air (Sabadilla).

Staphysagria can be thought of as well, especially if your child/adult seems offended or insulted by the idea of having head lice.

Pediculus is the homeopathic remedy made from head lice. Symptoms include (your child/adult does not need to have all these symptoms but all the symptoms of the person must be in the remedy): Laughing, sadness/melancholy/anger without cause and the mood can change suddenly. Skin symptoms of itching, prickling, irritability (physically and mentally) and possibly falling out of hair.

With a case of head lice, it is best to consult with a homeopath for the remedy that best fits the child and/or adult.

There are some options though for a combination homeopathic remedy for head lice.

You can find Quit Nits here. But again, an individualized remedy from your homeopath might be your best option.

There is a handout today with some resources collected on the web. You will find some recipes for natural solutions to this rather icky problem.

Get your remedies and potions lined up now…before the nit problem happens. Here is your Handout.

Yours in health and healing,

RSCHom, CCH, RSHom (NA), Classical Homeopath

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