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Arhive Title: injury

Taking a Tumble or How to Break a Tailbone –OUCH!

Just when all the excitement around my husband’s heart attack started to settle, he must have figured it was time to create another stir. This time, his back end met a flight of basement stairs…from the very top down to the very bottom! Wooden risers all the way to the concrete floor at the end … Read more

One Misstep on the Slippery Slope…or Stairs

Hola and Feliz Ano Nuevo from Baja Mexico! May 2015 be an amazing year for you! And yes…I am really writing this week’s newsletter from Mexico…with my foot resting on a handy package of paper towels. You would be surprised at how comfy they are as a footstool for a sprained foot. Yep…Christmas Eve. Sprained … Read more