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Arhive Title: darkness

A Light in the Dark

If someone were to ask you, Where does it hurt? What would you tell them? If someone were to ask you, How did you make the hurt go away? What would you say? If someone were to ask you, Does it ever get better? What would you tell them? Come with me. Listen. Words have … Read more

Depression Part 2: The Common Cold of Mental Disorders

Today our guest blogger is Jeri Lynne Erickson, a psychotherapist and most importantly, a very dear friend. We have raised our kids together…boys who are now young men with families and careers. We have shared all the ups and downs that go with being a mom and now we have the gift of friendship as … Read more

Yule Blues Part 1 – Darkness into Light and Lessons from Nature

Hello Everyone! A couple of weeks post time change and setting the clocks back an hour, we find ourselves talking about the shorter daylight hours – heading to work in the dark and returning home in the dark. Add to that the anticipation of the first big snow fall in our northern hemisphere, we could … Read more