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A Light in the Dark

If someone were to ask you,
Where does it hurt? What would you tell them?
If someone were to ask you,
How did you make the hurt go away? What would you say?
If someone were to ask you,
Does it ever get better? What would you tell them?

Come with me. Listen.
Words have the power to heal.

Joy and Sorrow

One of the joys in my life is a monthly get together with 12 of my gal pals. We started the group over 20 years ago and in that time we have celebrated loves and marriages/relationships, mourned losses, grieved the deaths of loved ones, acknowledged the transitions from reproductive years to menopause and through it all, we have enjoyed each other’s company, in the light/laughter times and in the dark/sad times.

My ‘joy’ group of women is in many ways a microcosm of life. We know and have lived both the dark and the light. Where is the hope when one of us is in a dark place? In our relationships. In our commitment to keep showing up. We have learned through the years to share food, drink, tears and laughter and to be OK with whatever we are feeling at the time. We just keep showing up.

Showing Up. Telling Our Stories

Today, I am pleased to offer another kind of showing up, with the intention of offering hope in a season of growing hours of dark here in the northern hemisphere. The themes of winter solstice and the darkening of days were the inspiration for Issue 3 of Homeopathy First Magazine.

All of our contributors in Issue 3: A Light in the Dark share from very deep personal places of loss or from their search for meaning when illness, aging or imminent death temporarily limits our worldview as humans. To fearlessly and consciously write about these dark places takes a special kind of person who is willing to share so that others might learn where to find hope, light and meaning at a time when we feel least equipped for the task.

Aging, grief, a loss, a limitation, an illness or a diagnosis like autism in a family can catapult us to foreign places within the range of human emotion and thought. Places we assume we would never have to travel.

How do we make sense of our own feelings and thoughts? How do we help someone who is just as confused or hurting and cannot say what they need? How do we grow our hearts and compassion when all we can sense is that silent sound of a heart breaking? How do we keep moving forward when all we can see is the devastation left behind?

Beyond Words to Resonant Healing

Homeopathy offers healing support during the times in our life when we feel most unable to cope with limitations and loss. The approach of one pill or one size fits all medicine is contrary to what homeopathy can offer. With homeopathy, a remedy can be individualized to suit the situation of the person in the midst of dark times and restore, so that there is a return to hope and light.

If you would like to listen, read or watch what contributors have to offer in the dark days of winter, please join us at Homeopathy First Magazine.

We are so pleased to have Homeopathy First Magazine available for all tablet, smartphone, laptop and desktop computers! To learn more and purchase a single issue or annual subscription, click here.

As always, your faithful companion on the journey to health and healing,

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