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Arhive Title: Fever

Spotty Fevers: Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

hand foot and mouth disease

Originally posted in 2013, this Hand Foot and Mouth post has been updated recently! FEVER 101: MASTERED, BUT WHAT’S WITH THE SPOTS? You’ve read the fever handout and are now feeling pretty confident about using homeopathy for fever: you get through the sleepless nights and midnight temperature spike without having to resort to pain medication. … Read more

Fevers and Febrile Seizures: Your Fever Questions Answered

Febrile Seizure

My One Stop Childhood Fever Guide! Childhood fevers can put parents into panic mode!! Childhood fever and febrile seizure are one topic that has a lot of misinformation, and thanks to media advertising there is an unnecessary fear of fever. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief when they understand the benefits of fever and … Read more

Mercury Retrograde with an Opportunity


Hello ! Apparently Mercury retrograde started last week and with that, the potential for miscommunication. I simply translate mercury retrograde as an opportunity for something good to come out of what could be perceived as something gone wrong. Nothing gone wrong, simply things you want to change and make better. The offer of the discounted … Read more