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Heroes, Autism and Anxiety

Hello everyone,

Who are your personal heroes these days? Stop and consider before you read any further. List the top five that are first in your mind. Go ahead. Maybe you have 10, 20, or even more. Please feel free to share them in the comments at the end of the newsletter.

There are so many heroes for me lately with the whole world available at the click of a mouse.

My own hero list begins and ends with my husband, my two adult kids, my daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and…oh heck…I have a pretty amazing biological family with every kind of hero imaginable in it from scholars to musicians to teachers to gardeners to techies to fitness experts to carpenters to preachers to architects to salespeople to lawyers to an amazing, wise mother matriarch!

In between that long list of family, there is a long list of mostly women who are either keeping their kids healthy with a remarkable return to fermented foods and nutrition and/or recovering their kids from a whole host of environmental toxic insults by every means possible.

Can you guess who my shout out goes out to today? There are two of them. Read on to find out who they are…

Thinking Mom’s Revolution

Today is a shout-out to two of my more recent heroes. The first is the group of women and one man, who are the core of the Thinking Moms’ Revolution. The parents who are part of this group are daring to speak up and go public with their everyday, extraordinary experiences that come with raising and recovering a child given the diagnosis of autism.


The second shout-out goes to the producers and directors of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe  – Del Bigtree, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Polly Tommey.

Calgary had a 2-week run of the movie and if you have an opportunity to see it, it is well worthwhile. As you watch the story unfold of the Centre for Disease Control’s cover up of the connection between the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and autism you will be challenged on many levels, whatever your understanding about vaccines. And remember…this is a movie about vaccine safety and the freedom to choose, not the polarizing of parentswith the label of either ‘pro-vaccine’ or ‘anti-vaccine’. This is about a whistle blower at the CDC who could no longer live with his conscience, who saved all the documentation including inter-departmental emails that expose the alteration of statistics and the destruction and cover up of the results of the MMR research.


One of the very real situations of living with vaccine injury and/or a diagnosis of autism is anxiety. LuvBug’s blog on the TMR website gives you an idea of what life is like with an anxious child. The blogis full of real life, resources, and a request to share what you know about anxiety. Join the conversation. Here’s a quick peek:

 “Anxiety is an awful beast that comes in and steals your happy child and turns him or her into a miserable, frustrated animal. We were dealing with anxiety before we even had a name for it. And I noticed something: your child’s anxiety has a way of becoming contagious to the entire family.” ~ LuvBug

See more at: Thinking Mom’s Revolution – Quelling Anxiety

Homeopathy for Anxiety

In the middle of the article you will find a link to some homeopathic remedy suggestions (well done so no need for me to reinvent the wheel!) as well as some nutritional supplement suggestions (which are out of my realm of expertise).

Just a note re: using homeopathic remedies in an acute situation of anxiety… The remedies in the link are great and can be very useful, but if the anxiety has become chronic (for you or your child), a consult with a homeopath is the best idea. Not everyone has the same anxieties and homeopathy can be brilliant in its ability to individualize a suitable remedy for the child/person with anxiety, not just the anxiety diagnosis. As an example, conventional medicine can have the same anxiety prescription for many thousands of children/people (with the risk of misdiagnosis and incorrect medicine prescribed).

Best Medications for Kids with Anxiety

With homeopathy, though, a remedy for anxiety can be chosen according to the child’s anxiety picture – and, as a bonus, homeopathic remedies are non-toxic.

And because I love quotes, I found this one. Although I am familiar with the Dr. Who TV series by name only, this brief scene seems to capture the essence of heroism and what it is that the thinking moms and dads of this generation are willing to do for their kids to return them to health and keep them healthy!

Dalek: I will talk to the Doctor.
The Doctor: Oh will you? That’s nice. Hello!
Dalek: The Dalek stratagem nears completion. The fleet is almost ready. You will not intervene.
The Doctor: Oh really? Why’s that, then?
Dalek: We have your associate. You will obey or she will be exterminated.
The Doctor: No.
Dalek: Explain yourself.
The Doctor: I said, “No.”
Dalek: What is the meaning of this negative?
The Doctor: It means, “No.”
Dalek: But she will be destroyed!
The Doctor: No! ‘Cause this is what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna rescue her. I’m gonna save Rose Tyler from the middle of the Dalek fleet, and then I’m gonna save the Earth. And then—just to finish off—I’m gonna wipe every last stinking Dalek out of the sky!
Dalek: But you have no weapons, no defenses, no plan.
The Doctor: Yeah! And doesn’t that scare you to death? Rose?
Rose: Yes, Doctor?
The Doctor: I’m coming to get you.”
~ Russell T. Davies

For me, the Daleks are the blindness, denial, and resistance to what is happening to far too many children…consider the latest statistic for the prevalence of autism in 2013: 1 in 50 children. In the early 1950’s, the statistic was 1 in 10,000.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s prediction from the movie Vaxxed:

By 2032,  1 in 2 children and 80% of them boys, will be diagnosed with autism.

As Del Bigtree says in his speech  given at a rally in California protesting the SB 277 mandatory vaccination bill in the Senate, ‘Be brave.’ And he begins his speech mentioning his heroes…the parents who have kids damaged by vaccines.

Sending all you amazing next generation of parents love and support.

I remain yours in health and healing,


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