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Your Year: In One Word

Just wondering…has your email inbox been flooded with ‘how to reflect on the past year’, ‘how to create for the New Year’, ask yourself this, ask yourself that? There are so many amazing folks out there writing and offering so many great suggestions for creating awareness and consciousness. I truly loved all the suggestions but quite frankly I was overwhelmed with an already lengthy to-do list. After printing out 3 of my favorite posts though to use during my journaling time, I quietly set them aside to do ‘sometime later’. Ha!

One Word Rescue

Then I received Jason Stein’s post called Monday Morning Minute. Sweet relief! Radical moment. I dumped my printed sheets in the wood stove and relished in the idea that this year I could choose one word. Just one word.

My One Word?

I took Jason’s advice with a suggestion to think of several words. I sticky noted my desk with them. Then I asked some friends to think of a single word that I might use for the year.

Then I journalled, looking for the one word to reveal itself. The word in my head was – Support. But what my hand wrote on the paper was something different! How is that even possible? Head was saying one word, the hand was writing another. Wow.

So I decided to ‘test’ the Universe and asked me to be shown ‘my word’…was it Support or ‘the other word’? Over the next day, the word my hand wrote showed up 3 separate times, one of the times being on my Yogi tea bag fortune. Yep. Seems then hand knew better than the head!

At the end of today’s newsletter, you will find the ‘word that chose me’. Let me know…what is your word for the year? I’d love to hear from you.

Here is Jason’s post:

Monday Morning Minute

Over a decade ago I created the Monday Morning Minute (MMM), a short ezine dedicated to helping busy entrepreneurs find peace admidst chaos. After a hiatus of several years I have decided to resurrect, and the MMM.

Each week in your mailbox you’ll receive a short video clip with reminders of how to find practical wisdom for your business and life. My hope is that these videos will slow you down and give you the focus needed to build your Profit, Relationships, and Impact (PRI).

For the first MMM, I’d like to share a principle taught to me by Paul Z. over at Wisdompreneurs, which came to him through the book One Word. Choosing one word for the year with intention can be the single most powerful conscious business practice you learn.

I wasn’t sure what to think until I gave it a spin this past year. It not only helped me simplify when life became a blur, but it was instrumental in helping me recognize patterns in my relationship to business.

You can check out Paul’s original post here.

And, take 65 seconds to Watch the Video Below

Together is Better

Jason Stein


And here is the word that chose me for the year 2016!














Yours in health and healing,



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