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What is the #1 Reason for a Hospital ER Visit?

Before you read any further, what would you say are the top ten reasons for visiting a hospital emergency room?


There’s a little game we play in our household, called ‘Survey Says’. The name of course is ripped off from the game show on TV but we tend to have a good amount of fun with it. So go ahead… if you have anyone with you or anyone you can phone/text/email right now, ask them what they think are the top 10 reasons for visiting an ER. What do you or they think is the #1 reason for seeing an emergency doctor is?

Because both my youngest son and husband are in the construction industry, most of the visits to the ER have been gashes/stitches, falls (one of which ended up with two broken heels), carbon monoxide poisoning, nails through hands and one particularly weird respiratory infection that was a suspected ‘Legionnaire’s’ disease. Apparently we do emergency rooms in a rather big way!

My husband, who had the majority of the above complaints, when asked what he thought was the #1 reason, said “The common cold.” Apparently at some point, in one of the many ER visits, the doctors missed his case of ‘amnesia’! He would NEVER go to emergency for a cold and his defense will be, when I point this out to him, “You asked about other people.” When I asked my youngest son, his reply was “You already asked Dad. Make something up.” May you have better success than me at this survey game today!

Turning to the ‘ultimate’ Survey Says source, Google, I asked that very question (in a desperate attempt to find a topic for today’s newsletter). Success… found a link and from the #10 spot to the #1 spot, there was a surprise at every turn of the digital page. Now this article does not mention hospitals, nor does it have a date and there are no comments at the bottom of the article… but it is an interesting list. AND… much more importantly I found a topic for today’s newsletter!

Here’s the link to the top ten ER list:

The #1 REASON FOR ER VISITS According to the Poll

Headaches. Who knew? Certainly not me. But it’s a good topic for homeopathy because there are some great remedies that you already have in your home kit that may be just the right one for your headache. If you have a history of migraines though, you are likely better off seeing your homeopath for a full consult. Migraines are a whole other kind of head pain that needs constitutional care. A visit to your family doctor would also be recommended.

Your handout today lists some remedies for you when you have head pain, whatever the cause: injury, hormones or digestion. For those of you who have read all the back issues on the website, good detective work! Today’s newsletter is a back issue and I am ‘borrowing’ from something I have already written. Let’s just say, I didn’t want to get a headache trying to reinvent or create something new! Deadlines can do that for me.

Do Pets Get Headaches?

That was a question that was pondered when the back issue newsletter was first put together and pet writer, Alison Merritt, came up with some great remedy suggestions. Remember, whether human or animal, homeopathy is based on the remedy picture matching the symptom picture so if you think there is a remedy under pets, that fits well for you or your family member who has head pain, go ahead and try it. The worst that can happen? The remedy will not help the head pain and you will have to look for another one… or phone your homeopath!

Don’t forget your handout: Headaches & Homeopathy: Head Pain Remedies.

Yours in health, healing and being headache free,



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