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Your CommentsI I have been trying to find a Homeopath in my area. I am familiar, and use many remediies. I was introduced to homeopathy by my daughter. I have been helped by Arnica, Aconite and many others. I am currently having digestive problems and would like to know if I should try nux vomica. I live in Boca Raton, Florida. Is there anyone in this vicinity who I can see?


hello and thank you for your email. I would highly recommend visiting the National Centre for Homeopathy website. http://www.homeopathycenter.org/find-homeopath They have lots of resources and the link will help you find a homeopath near you. Nux vomica certainly helped my husband but it was after seeing a homeopath that he really made improvements in his health overall. Nux vomica is a well known digestive remedy but the beauty of homeopathy is that you can individualize for the person with the heartburn or irritable bowel for example. Wishing you well. Donna

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