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’Tis the Season for Travel

How are you spending the cold days of winter this year? Mexico? Disney cruises? Costa Rica? Hawaii? We will be going to Pune, India in January! Woohoo! Your newsletters will definitely have an Indian influence.

With so much travel during this time of year, the inquiries start rolling in about what to do if you prefer to take a pass on the vaccine for conventional Hepatitis prevention. (But even if you stay in the Northern Hemisphere this winter, Hepatitis can still happen. The information in today’s newsletter can be helpful for that as well.)

Quick aside here… As I was getting ready to make Sunday dinner for the family, thinking about this week’s newsletter and what should I write about…, along came the TV ad for Dukoral, the oral vaccine for those who are travelling. Ha! Topic decided. Previous newsletters have covered the topic, but if TV ads are any indication, the information bears repeating!

So here is a ‘quickie’ handout with some common-sense suggestions and homeopathic support if Hepatitis is on your travel or stay-at-home radar. When you take the 12-week Vaccine Free: Now What? e-course, we cover Hepatitis A, B, and C in more depth—plus we cover some other health concerns when traveling (e.g. malaria, typhoid, typhus). The next class will be offered in the spring of 2014, so watch for the reminders in the New Year!

If you are staying at an all-inclusive resort, most hotels are conscientious about food/water safety (they want to keep their customers happy!). You can ask how they make their ice, and chances are excellent that the ice is made from a special filtering system just for the hotel. If you are in Mexico or another destination and living rurally, you might have to be more careful with raw food and water. With water, a simple filtering kit from MEC might come in handy if you are outside the city or far from resort living.

Here is your handout!

Also, in case you missed my appearance on Homeopathy World Community’s Health Inn show yesterday, you can watch a recording of the show. And let’s keep the conversation going on my Facebook page; I would love to hear your thoughts on this often heated topic!

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