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The Quiet Life: At Least a Little Calmer

The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.  ~Albert Einstein

I long for quiet. I live for quiet. Last week I dreamt of quiet. In the dream, I am aware that my brain is quiet. I cannot create a thought and in that moment of awareness, in that moment of ‘no thought’…that state of peace and quiet…I am right with the world. There is no struggle, no chatter…simple, pure quiet. Ahhhh… Now to have that kind of quiet in my waking life!

Life has settled since the fall down the stairs in December, Ron’s heart attack in February, another fall down the stairs (husband this time) and the never-ending nosebleed in March. I am grateful for a life that has slowed down considerably! Dare I say it? My life this past couple of weeks has been quiet.

EinstineHas the quiet stimulated my creative mind? Hmmmm…not so much. At least not yet. I hope Albert Einstein is right and that the creative stimulation will soon be evident in my life.

So today’s post is…you guessed it! Quiet. Very quiet. So quiet in fact, that I have little to say. Instead, I am offering some links to the work of Bruce Lipton, author of the Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles. I am currently rereading the book marveling how much I missed with the first reading!

BiologyOne of the concepts that stayed with me after reading the book in 2007 is the idea of the butterfly having ‘imaginal cells’. Embedded in the caterpillar are the cells that will direct the evolution and transformation into a butterfly. Using the idea of imaginal cells, Lipton’s video (3 minutes 50 seconds) explains and helps us understand how a crisis can ignite evolution, as painful as crises are.

Watch the Imaginal Cells in the Dying Caterpillar video HERE.

Which makes me consider: how do our health crises ignite our evolution? Or how do our health problems help us to move toward consciousness? Can getting sick actually be a part of our evolution?

The other book that I am reading is research about fever and how it is an evolutionary adaptation. Beneficial. As opposed to the prevailing idea since the 1800’s that fever is somehow an unwanted side effect of disease that must be suppressed. Prior to 1800, many cultural and spiritual traditions have understood that fever and serious illness is essential and sometimes precedes spiritual illumination.

Lots to think about and consider. May you find the quiet in your life this week to ponder the questions.

Send us your thoughts in the comments section. I will join you in the conversation. Or join us on FaceBook.
Share the quiet. Share the creativity!

Yours in health and healing,

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