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Technology and Teething – Huh!?


Today’s newsletter is a reprint…or a video rerun…of something I recorded about 3 years ago. I am encouraged. For some time now I have been averse to creating any more videos but maybe I will record more!  Watch for it.

There is a mention of the Vaccine Free: Now What? 12-week course in the video about the start date. Update on that…the course is now Evergreen, which means you can learn at your convenience 24/7, 52 weeks a year forever. Besides a video on making Calendula cream as a bonus for signing up for the 12-week course, you also receive a membership in the private FB group where parents who have taken the all 12 classes are able to check in with acute ailments.  I am regularly online in the FB group to help when anyone is struggling with sickness in the household and can’t quite find the right remedy.

Here is what one participant FB member had to say:

“I feel so blessed to have found Donna. We can’t imagine being parents of a vaccine free child without her. The knowledge she has willingly shared is invaluable. The community of like-minded parents has been such a support system in this present world. They have been an inspiration to be a better mother.” ES, Alberta

You can check out the Evergreen Course here:

And as a bonus for being a regular subscriber (which means you are on our weekly newsletter mail list), for the month of December and January you will be able to take 20% off the cost of the 12-week course. Instead of 595.00 USD you pay 477.00 USD or about $5.00 USD a day for the 12-week course. And you can make 3 payments to help ease the budget. Simply contact and we will get you set up with the discount and the course.

Here You Go! Reruns from 2013

I love technology, especially when it works and especially when it’s fun. Today it worked and it was fun…mostly. But just like babies, who are mostly fun when they are fed, dry and being held, from time to time, they require time and patience beyond what you ever thought you had in you. Teething is one of those times. The baby you love and adore? Replaced by some glitch called the next developmental stage. The poor dears are suffering and in pain and you feel badly but a crying, shrieking baby takes it toll.

Same for technology…when it’s off, it’s really off and it seems to take hours and sometimes days to get back on track. Parenting and technology share something else as well…it is a huge learning curve for most of us!

Teething has been a previous topic but today’s ‘vlog’ is also about making your own homeopathic remedies. Yes…it is possible to make homeopathic remedies but it is a big time commitment. More importantly, this short 10-minute video is about the process of homeopathic remedy making and what makes it safe, non-toxic and ecologically sustainable.

Besides, the homeopathic pharmacies are very good at what they do and the bonus of homeopathic remedies? They are very affordable! You really might want to reconsider making your own homeopathic remedies…herbal yes, homeopathy…well…let’s leave it to the professional homeopathic pharmacists!

Looking to expand your home and travel kits? Give me a call 403-230-8505 and we can book an appointment to create an individualized at home and travel kit for your family’s needs.

Here you go! Thank you for being a part of this first newsletter by vlog!  If you like this format, I’d love to hear from you.


Yours in health and healing,



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