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Arhive Title: vaccinations

Mumps Making the Rounds…In the Vaccinated…Again

Mumps in the Vaccinated Mumps are in the news in Calgary…again…and in the vaccinated. This is not the first outbreak and it will not be the last. These outbreaks, in the vaccinated population have been happening and reported since the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. “In 2007 and 2008 Alberta experienced an outbreak, with 266 … Read more

Flu. Again. And a Gift.

Be sure to read right to the end. As a faithful subscriber to the weekly newsletters, I have a thank you gift waiting for you! Almost time to roll out the flu vaccine marketing campaign! To keep this a fast and easy read today, I am going to share with you a client’s recent experience … Read more

As Below, So Above

Trees. Unless you live in a desert, they are all around us. When you look at a tree, what do you see? What tree comes to mind for you?  Do you ever consider what is below the tree, under the ground? What do trees need to live? How does a tree get what it needs … Read more

The Keepers of Homeopathy – You/Me/Us!

Today is one of the longer newsletters, so grab a favorite drink, get comfy, and read on! Or save for later when the house is quiet. My best guess is that this is about a 5-minute read! “Dorothy Shepherd always felt that much of the future of Homoeopathy lay in the hands of the ordinary … Read more

Mercy Me! Measles-Again! Updated March 2024

Parents in Calgary are receiving the ‘dreaded’ measles letter. Alberta Health Services has teamed up with the public health education system to ‘tag’ all children whose parents have made an informed decision to be vaccine free. Now, though, every family is receiving the letter, not just the vaccine free families. At one point, some folks … Read more