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Arhive Title: Tetanus

A Remedy Kit in Time Saves Time

Summer holidays! Sunny days and time off work and school means time for adventure, travel and outdoor fun. Or maybe it’s a staycation this year? What are you plans? Whether it is summer camps, riding horses, backyard B-B-Q’s, climbing/hiking or traveling to developing countries, here are some suggestions for homeopathic kits that will go anywhere … Read more

Cuts, Scrapes and Stitches and the Risk of Tetanus

From 25 to 30 foot falls to concussions, broken bones and stitches, this week’s newsletter is about another emergency situation that most parents face at one time or another. The short falls from bicycles, swings, playing hard and running into walls, slides, skating rinks, swimming pool edges and stumbles on sidewalks can be just as … Read more